• A Gallery of Cool Custom Bowling Balls

    A Gallery of Cool Custom Bowling Balls

    Most bowling balls you see at normal bowling alleys are pretty average and boring. They’re usually black, or maybe some other solid color if you’re lucky, and they have a few finger holes and a weight number on the side and that’s about as interesting as they get. But every now and...

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  • Ted Williams Photos

    Ted Williams Photos

    Baseball legend Ted Williams is considered the greatest hitter in the history of baseball, and August 28th is an important day in Ted Williams’ baseball career for two reasons. In 1941, Ted Williams and the Boston Red Sox played a double-header against the Philadelphia A’s. Ted got hits in...

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  • What I See Whenever Women's Basketball Is On

    What I See Whenever Women’s Basketball Is On

    It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, it all looks the same to me. #spoiledbytheNBA

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  • Insane Soccer Header Goal

    Insane Soccer Header Goal

    And that is how you become famous on the internet!  All you gotta do is make a ridiculous goal and you’re in.

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  • Soccer is Weird

    Soccer is Weird

    First question: there are still people named “Hitler“? You should’ve legally changed that last name 60 years ago. Secondly, that’s a real hand signal in soccer? They should’ve also changed that 60 years ago. Get with the times, soccer!

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  • 30 Awesome Surf Dogs

    30 Awesome Surf Dogs

    Nothing deflates your self-esteem like photos of dogs doing something you can’t do. Nonetheless, you have to respect these surf dogs. It makes sense that dogs are great surfers. Dogs have incredible balance and agility and a very low center of gravity, so once surf dogs are properly trained they...

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  • Why Everyone Hates SoCal Sports Fans

    Why Everyone Hates SoCal Sports Fans

    Because “I just eavesdrop when my friends are having sports conversations, then glean sports buzz words and base my personality off of them so that people will think I’m in to sports” was too long to fit on a novelty license plate. This is why everyone hates you, Southern California.

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  • Tiger Woods vs. Temptation

    Tiger Woods vs. Temptation

    Poor Tiger Woods. He just can’t catch a break! Tiger Woods is a sex addict who really likes blondes. Everybody in the entire world knows this, and what does the PGA do? They surround Tiger with hordes of hot blonde women shoving phallic objects toward their mouths. Give the guy a break already!

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  • Play With Yourself Football

    Play With Yourself Football

    This is the football game that you can play when you have absolutely no friends.

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  • Awesome Unintentional Trick Shot

    Awesome Unintentional Trick Shot

    Wow! That shot was soooo not supposed to be there!

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