• Paul Hunt, the Gymnastics Comedian

    Paul Hunt, the Gymnastics Comedian

    Paul Hunt is an American gymnastics coach who’s been training girls’ gymnastics teams for over 30 years. Some time in the 80’s, Paul realized that a dude dressing up as a girl and screwing up gymnastics routines is hilarious, so he started performing gymnastics comedy at competitions....

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  • When You See It, You Will LOL
  • Amazing Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Amazing Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Where’s the last place you’d expect to see amazing feats of athletic ability? If you said “a high school girls’ basketball game”, then you’re absolutely right. Nonetheless, Katie Powell of Pekin High School in Illinois didn’t get the memo that girls’ basketball...

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  • 10 Year Old Hockey Brawl

    10 Year Old Hockey Brawl

    Hockey is a rough sport, especially if you’re playing in Mother Russia. This video features a bunch of 10 year old kids playing in a Peewee hockey league who decided to start an all-out brawl after the game. As you can see, nobody got injured because 10 year olds can hardly skate, let alone fight...

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  • Joe Paterno Photos

    Joe Paterno Photos

    Joe Paterno was fired as the Head Coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. After serving as Penn State’s Head Football Coach since 1966, Joe Paterno was dismissed due to his involvement in covering up, or at least being complicit in covering up, child sexual abuse allegations against one of his former...

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  • Wait, I Know that Call...
  • The Evolution of Cheerleaders

    The Evolution of Cheerleaders

    Cheerleaders have been a part of sports for almost as long as sports have existed. For every player on the field, there has been someone on the sideline screaming words of encouragement in their general direction. The evolution of the cheerleader is a drastic one, and today’s cheerleaders are vastly...

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  • 5 Craziest High School Football Announcers Ever

    5 Craziest High School Football Announcers Ever

    Sports announcers provide not only play by play for the games we watch but they also can add excitement to the action on the screen. Football announcers tend to be the most excitable of all sports announcers, and high school football announcers are more likely than not completely insane. The combination...

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  • World Series Grounds Crew Guy Can't Fight the Music

    World Series Grounds Crew Guy Can’t Fight the Music

    Have you ever wanted to spontaneously break out into a dance routine in front of thousands of people during one of the biggest sporting events of the year? Well, this grounds crew member at the World Series sure wanted to, and when the music finally got to him he just couldn’t contain himself....

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  • College Football Creeper

    College Football Creeper

    But honestly, can you blame him? That guy has to be around big sweaty dudes all day long. He probably has to massage them and stuff, too. Watching an attractive woman spray something into her mouth is like a 3 week Caribbean cruise for this guy.

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