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  • A Gallery of Amazing Donuts

    A Gallery of Amazing Donuts

    Today is National Donut Day, so if you’ve eaten anything besides donuts, shame on you! Donuts are versatile food. Donuts can be simple, complex, cheap, expensive, gourmet, standard, pre-packaged, made fresh, light and healthy, or a heart attack wrapped in tissue paper. Today, we celebrate the glory...

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  • Astronaut Spacewalk Pictures

    Astronaut Spacewalk Pictures

    I can’t think of anything more simultaneously exciting and terrifying than stepping out into the vast emptiness of space for your first astronaut spacewalk. On June 3rd, 1965 astronaut Ed White stepped out of the Gemini 4 capsule 120 miles above the Earth’s surface to become the first American...

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  • A Gallery of Funny Food Pyramids

    A Gallery of Funny Food Pyramids

    The USDA announced that their retiring the Food Pyramid, the graphic that’s told people how to eat for over 35 years. The USDA is replacing the Food Pyramid with “The Plate”, which is basically the same thing as the Food Pyramid, except that it’s graphically arranged to look like...

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  • A Gallery of Dogs Wearing Top Hats

    A Gallery of Dogs Wearing Top Hats

    If there are two things in this world that people like, they’re dogs and top hats. It only makes sense that the two most favorite things in the world found their way to each other in the form of dogs wearing top hats. I don’t know why top hats went out of style, because they clearly make...

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  • Blake Lively Pics

    Blake Lively Pics

    By now, you’ve probably heard about the Blake Lively nude pictures that were leaked last night. Don’t get me wrong: we love well-taken nude pics of extremely hot starlettes, but Blake Lively made a mistake. Leaking nude photos of yourself is great publicity for the upcoming movie that you’re...

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  • A Gallery of Marilyn Monroe Photographs

    A Gallery of Marilyn Monroe Photographs

    Marilyn Monroe (a.k.a. Norma Jeane Baker) was born exactly 85 years ago today. If you’re not already aware that Marilyn Monroe was and still is the quintessential American sex symbol, then this gallery of Marilyn Monroe photographs should be enough to convince you. Marilyn was born in Los Angeles...

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  • A Gallery of Bill Murray Tattoos

    A Gallery of Bill Murray Tattoos

    For the past 35 years or so, Bill Murray has been hailed as one of the funniest entertainers on the entire planet. But in recent years, Bill Murray has also defined himself as a quirky party animal, a spontaneous prankster, and the most cherished pop culture icon of a generation. Of course, when you...

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  • A Gallery of Patriotic Pets

    A Gallery of Patriotic Pets

    Happy Memorial Day! I mean, I guess it’s not that happy, since it’s a day devoted to remembering all the people who died in military combat. But you still get the day off, so hooray! Be sure to express your joy and patriotism by dressing up in a ridiculously patriotic outfit. If these patriotic...

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  • Funny U.S. Military Pictures

    Funny U.S. Military Pictures

    Whether you support the U.S. Military’s invasion of foreign territories in the name of protecting liberty or not, you have to admire and appreciate the sense of humor that our military troops manage to hold on to, and all the funny U.S. Military pictures they manage to produce. It can’t be...

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  • A Gallery of Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theaters

    A Gallery of Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theaters

    The first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey in 1933, and 70 years later the abandoned drive-in movie theaters severely outnumber the drive-ins that are still operational. Movie theaters are more popular than ever, but for some reason drive-in movie theaters just didn’t fit the...

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