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  • 25 MTV Cakes for MTV’s 30th Birthday

    25 MTV Cakes for MTV’s 30th Birthday

    Today is MTV’s 30th birthday, and we’ve collected some MTV birthday cake photos! You can tell MTV is turning 30 today because instead of being hip and cool like it was 15 years ago, now it spends most of its time being boring and taking care of 12-year olds. Nonetheless, MTV is one of the...

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  • 30 Objects with Faces

    30 Objects with Faces

    Whether you like it or not, you’re constantly surrounded by objects with faces. You may not notice them all the time because your brain learns to tune them out. When you look at objects you see them as what they are: a muffin, a faucet, or a computer mouse. But your brain also has an uncanny ability...

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  • 27 Unusual Bras

    27 Unusual Bras

    Y’know what the best thing about a bra is? That it’s usually filled with boobs. You can easily cover boobs with a normal, everyday bra that’s made of boring fabric and dull colors. Or, you can create a bra that’s clever, kooky, weird, nerdy, dangerous, or just downright awesome....

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  • 30 Foods With Googly Eyes

    30 Foods With Googly Eyes

    Why hasn’t anyone invented edible googly eyes yet? Food is clearly more fun with googly eyes, and it’s also (for some weird, possibly morbid reason) much more fun to eat something when it has eyes attached to it so that it seems like it’s alive. Why can’t I have fun food and then...

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  • A Gallery of Crazy Mailboxes

    A Gallery of Crazy Mailboxes

    The U.S. Postal Service was created on this day in 1775. Since then, people have been going out of their way to entertain their mail carriers by creating and decorating crazy mailboxes to receive their letters, bills, and birthday cards in. You have to have a mailbox, and if you don’t do anything...

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  • Amy Winehouse Photos

    Amy Winehouse Photos

    Amy Winehouse (aka England’s Janis Joplin) died this weekend, and we’ve gathered this collection of Amy Winehouse photos to demonstrate that Amy Winehouse wasn’t always a drunk crackhead with the voice of a thousand angels. The autopsy results aren’t back yet, but Amy Winehouse...

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  • A Gallery of Old Train Wreck Photos

    A Gallery of Old Train Wreck Photos

    The first train wreck in U.S. history occurred on this day in 1832. A train carried a load of passengers to demonstrate the locomotive’s ability to transport massive quantities of heavy stone. During the demonstration, the train derailed and fell over a 34 foot cliff, killing one passenger and...

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  • Captain America Fan Art

    Captain America Fan Art

    Captain America opens in theaters today, and moviegoers are already lining up to see their favorite patriotic super hero, Captain America, in action. Since his debut in 1941, Captain America has captured the America-loving hearts and minds of fans not only in the U.S. but around the world, and we’ve...

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  • A Gallery of Underwater Tigers

    A Gallery of Underwater Tigers

    Tigers are awesome. They’re the only members of the cat family that actually enjoy being in water, and they absolutely love swimming. If you thought getting attacked by a tiger was terrible, imagine how you’d feel when you ran from that tiger and jumped in a pool for safety, and then that...

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  • Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones

    Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones

    If you’ve been alive lately, you’ve probably noticed that IT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY HOT OUTSIDE. But imagine how much hotter you’d be (temperature-wise) if you were wearing a fur coat all the time, because that’s what dogs have to live with every day of their lives. Fortunately, dogs...

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