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  • Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones

    Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones

    If you’ve been alive lately, you’ve probably noticed that IT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY HOT OUTSIDE. But imagine how much hotter you’d be (temperature-wise) if you were wearing a fur coat all the time, because that’s what dogs have to live with every day of their lives. Fortunately, dogs...

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  • People Playing in Dangerous Waterfalls

    People Playing in Dangerous Waterfalls

    Three Yosemite hikers are presumed dead after they were swept over a dangerous waterfall yesterday. The hikers climbed over a barricade to play and photograph themselves in a river leading up to a sizable waterfall, and when one of he hikers was swept away by the water a botched rescue attempt resulted...

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  • Rupert Murdoch and his Son Look Like Mr. Burns and Smithers

    Rupert Murdoch and his Son Look Like Mr. Burns and Smithers

    Earlier today, a really crappy British comedian smashed a pie in Rupert Murdoch‘s face during a parliamentary hearing. The comic made a number of remarks on Twitter before his stunt, including one keen observation that Rupert Murdoch bears an eerie resemblance to The Simpsons character Mr. Burns....

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  • A Gallery of Funny Latte Art

    A Gallery of Funny Latte Art

    If you like coffee and art, then this is the gallery for you: funny latte art! Artistic people will find any way possible to express their creativity, even if that means drawing pictures in the foam on your latte. Here are some great examples of creative, nerdy,  and funny latte art. We apologize for...

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  • 30 Inappropriate Candy Names

    30 Inappropriate Candy Names

    Candy is delicious, but sometimes companies come up with some inappropriate candy names for their latest sugary treats. That doesn’t stop us from putting all those disgustingly named candies in our mouths though. Here’s a gallery of inappropriate candy names to prove that it takes more than...

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  • A Gallery of Flying Babies

    A Gallery of Flying Babies

    People love babies. They’re cute and chubby and squishy and when they laugh it seems like every bad thing in the world just doesn’t exist anymore. Here’s something that a lot of people don’t know about babies: they can fly! If you’re one of those annoying skeptics who needs...

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  • People Hugging Cows for Cow Appreciation Day

    People Hugging Cows for Cow Appreciation Day

    Today is Cow Appreciation Day,  a holiday dedicated to our favorite bovine friends: cows. If there’s one day out of the year that you shouldn’t eat a gigantic hamburger, it’s probably today. You can also celebrate Cow Appreciation Day by thinking about cows, wishing you were a cow,...

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  • Funny Construction Signs

    Funny Construction Signs

    Over the past few years, funny construction sign hacks have become commonplace on the roadways of America, because apparently hacking a road construction sign is really easy to do. If you live in Los Angeles and are bracing yourself for Carmageddon this weekend, then you should definitely keep an eye...

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  • Celebrity Friends With Benefits

    Celebrity Friends With Benefits

    One subject that runs 24/7 on television, radio, and the internet is celebrity gossip.  Who is with who?  Who did each other?  Who is cheating on one another?  People always want to know about pop stars’  love-lives and want to keep up in who they are getting down and dirty with.  Justin...

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  • Netflix Envelope Art

    Netflix Envelope Art

    Many people are pissed off at Netflix right now because they recently announced a 60% price increase for users who rely on both streaming and DVD disc rentals for their movie-watching jollies. For several years, some incredibly talented Netflix users have created brilliant works of Netflix envelope art,...

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