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  • Pictures of the Newly Discovered Habitable Planet, Gliese 581d

    Pictures of the Newly Discovered Habitable Planet, Gliese 581d

    Scientists recently announced a newly discovered habitable planet outside of our solar system. The rocky planet, called Gliese 581d, orbits a Red Dwarf star about 20 lightyears away, making it one of our closest galactic neighbors. Gliese 581d has a similar atmosphere to Earth, and it’s over 2...

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  • Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Pics

    Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Pics

    For those of you who didn’t see this coming a mile away, Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on Maria Shriver 10 years ago with the maid, and now the maid has a 10 year old kid who’s half Schwarzenegger. It seems like a perfect time to celebrate this momentus revelation with a gallery of funny...

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  • Coloring Outside the Lines

    Coloring Outside the Lines

    I’m getting ready to get back into coloring. I actually miss coloring. I haven’t done it since summer camp. That’s, what, like three months ago?It’s very therapeutic. Especially when you can color outside the lines AND make up your own crap as you go along. Here are some people who color, and...

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  • A Gallery of Incredible NASA Shuttle Launch Photos

    A Gallery of Incredible NASA Shuttle Launch Photos

    The NASA Space Shuttle Endeavor took its final leap off of the launch pad yesterday, and when it returns safely home on June 1st, the shuttle (like all the other NASA space shuttles) will be officially retired. NASA has one more shuttle launch planned for late June. After the Space Shuttle Atlantis launches,...

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  • A Gallery Of Hand Tattoos

    A Gallery Of Hand Tattoos

    According to this article, some tattoo artists won’t do work on the hands, feet or face. Tattoo artists feel like a person should really be sure about a hand, foot, or face tattoo because it could lead to issues later in life (i.e. – people being horrified by your face tattoo). Of course,...

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  • Funny Ashton Kutcher Pics

    Funny Ashton Kutcher Pics

    Here’s a gallery of funny Ashton Kutcher pics to celebrate CBS’s recent announcement that Ashton Kutcher will be taking over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Ashton Kutcher is a household name and face, thanks to his countless TV, movie, and annoying digital camera commercial appearances,...

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  • Who Is Amy Childs And Where Can We Get One?

    Who Is Amy Childs And Where Can We Get One?

    Amy Childs. No idea who she is but now I’m incredibly interested in finding out. There is something about a hot chick in red. It should be a law; hot chicks need to wear red at least once a week. Twice a week in the summer. Click here to see more of the mysterious Amy Childs

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  • A Gallery Of Photographer Action Figures

    A Gallery Of Photographer Action Figures

    As a kid, I’d beg my parents to hit up the toy store, run to the action figure section and be left to choose between all the crap characters. It never failed. Got Snake-Eyes? Nope. Got a hundred Scarletts though. NO ONE WANTS SCARLETT!!! The only thing worse than Scarlett was the secondary characters...

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  • Incredible Dust Storm Photos

    Incredible Dust Storm Photos

    On this day in 1934, a series of incredible dust storms ripped across the Midwestern and Eastern United States, blanketing half the country in a devastating cloud of dirt, much like “The Nothing” in Never Ending Story. A sudden rise in farming during the early 1930′s, when coupled with...

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  • A Gallery Of Bob Marley Playing Soccer

    A Gallery Of Bob Marley Playing Soccer

    Bob Marley succumbed to cancer on this day 30 years ago. He was just 36 years old. At the start of the European tour, Marley injured his toe playing soccer. While getting the toe treated, doctors found acral lentiginous melanoma, a form of malignant melanoma, in Marley’s body. Just four years...

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