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  • Hot Girls Dressed as Sexy Harry Potter

    Hot Girls Dressed as Sexy Harry Potter

    The final installment of the Harry Potter film series opens this weekend, but don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that, as long as hot girls keep dressing as Sexy Harry Potter, they’ll keep finding ways to make more Harry Potter movies. After all, that’s why they make movies, right?...

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  • Super Mario Wedding Cakes

    Super Mario Wedding Cakes

    The Super Mario Bros. video game was released in 1985, and the video game’s characters and graphics quickly became a cornerstone of 80′s pop culture. Those kids who were raised on Super Mario Bros. have grown up, and now they’re all getting married, which means that Super Mario-themed...

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  • Babe Ruth Photos

    Babe Ruth Photos

    On this day in 1914, the legendary Babe Ruth played his first Major League Baseball game. 97 years later, Babe Ruth is still being hailed as one of the greatest baseball players that ever lived. Today, Babe Ruth is ranked third on the All-Time Home Run list, first in All-Time Slugging Percentages, and...

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  • Dogs That Look Like Pandas

    Dogs That Look Like Pandas

    There’s an emerging trend in China and Japan right now, wherein people create dogs that look like pandas by dying their pets’ fur in a recognizable panda bear pattern. It’s good to know that, with all the Tsunami/Earthquake/Leaked radiation clean up that’s going on in Japan right...

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  • Celebrities Riding Roller Coasters

    Celebrities Riding Roller Coasters

    Celebrities are just like us. They like to normal people things like buy their own planes, never have to work, and ride roller coasters. Most of the time celebrities go to great lengths to protect their privacy and avoid photographers, especially when they’re in a controlled environment like an...

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  • 25 Pissed Off Grizzly Bears

    25 Pissed Off Grizzly Bears

    A hiker was killed yesterday by a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park. This is the first time in 25 years that a Grizzly Bear has killed a hiker in Yellowstone, but there have been a high frequency of Grizzly Bear attacks around the park in the past few years. Officials are attributing the spike...

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  • Smiling Monkey Photos

    Smiling Monkey Photos

    Recently, a nature photographer was taking pictures of some monkeys when one of them stole his camera. The Black Macaque (featured in the first photo below) then reportedly proceeded to snap a few photos of himself before the photographer managed to get his camera back. I don’t believe this story...

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  • Casey Anthony Party Photos

    Casey Anthony Party Photos

    Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who definitely killed her 2-year old daughter Caylee Anthony a few years ago and dumped her body in a nearby forest, was found “Not Guilty” today. EPIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM FAIL. One piece of evidence that the prosecution used in an attempt to prove Casey Anthony’s...

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  • A Collection of Vintage Circus Posters

    A Collection of Vintage Circus Posters

    P.T. Barnum, “The Greatest Showman on Earth”, was born 201 years ago today. Barnum was best known as one of the founders of Barnum & Bailey’s Circus, and he was probably the first man to become a millionaire from “show business“. He’s remembered as a brilliant...

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  • Funny Moose Photos for Canada Day

    Funny Moose Photos for Canada Day

    Today is Canada Day, which is the day that Canadians celebrate as the day that Canada was founded. We decided to assemble a collection of photos that encapsulate what Canada is really all about. No, they’re not pictures of hockey, or snow, or maple syrup. They’re moose photos! Moose are majestic...

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