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  • A Collection of Racist Advertisements

    A Collection of Racist Advertisements

    Earlier this week, Roots drummer Questlove lashed out on Twitter and Facebook against Nivea for this racist advertisement, which seems to depict a refined black guy holding the decapitated head of a scruffy looking black dude (who looks a lot like Questlove), that’s deemed “uncivilized”....

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  • Photos of Dogs Skydiving

    Photos of Dogs Skydiving

    There’s a popular photo going around today featuring a pug strapped to a skydiver in mid-freefall. It’s the first photo in this gallery, and while it’s definitely an awesome photo, this is not the first dog to ever jump out of a plane strapped to a human. In fact, it’s not even...

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  • Fat Athlete Photos

    Fat Athlete Photos

    There are a lot of fat athletes in professional sports these days. Some of them get fat in the off-season, some of them are wrestlers who use their obesity as a weapon, and some of them are baseball players, but some fat athletes are just plain fat. As proof, we offer up this gallery of incredibly fat...

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  • Rare Robert De Niro Photos

    Rare Robert De Niro Photos

    We’re posting a gallery of rare Robert De Niro photos because today is Robert De Niro’s birthday. The legendary actor is 68 years old today and has been a major Hollywood star since 1974, when he played the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part 2, for which he won an Academy Award. Since...

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  • Madonna Fan Art

    Madonna Fan Art

    Today is Madonna‘s 53rd birthday. Madonna is considered one of the most influencial and enduring female entertainers in music history. She rose to incredible fame in the 80′s as the quintessential pop super star, paving the way for later generations of female superstars like Britney Spears,...

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  • Funny Bullfighting Photos

    Funny Bullfighting Photos

    A bull has officially been charged with its third murder in 10 years. The murder took place in Spain, where it’s a national pastime to piss of an angry bull and then avoid it while it tries to kill you for fun. We call it “animal cruelty”, but they refer to it as “bullfighting”....

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  • Politicians Eating Food

    Politicians Eating Food

    Politicians might seem like demons and giant walking buttholes with mouths, but they’re actually people, and people need to eat. Press photographers usually have an unspoken policy against photographing people while they’re eating (mainly because everyone looks stupid when they’re cramming...

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  • Woodstock Photos

    Woodstock Photos

    Today is the 42 anniversary of Woodstock. Woodstock was a huge event in 1969 where a bunch of sweaty, dirty hippies gathered together in a field t0 drop acid and play in the mud. Apparently, there was also a music festival somewhere nearby, too. The festival was attended by 500,000 dirty hippies over...

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  • Horsemaning Meme Photos

    Horsemaning Meme Photos

    Horsemaning is the latest photo meme that’s heating up on the internet, and we’ve got the horsemaning meme photos to prove it. Horsemaning is kind of like the recent planking meme, with two important distinctions: 1) the first photo in the gallery below was taken in 1920, which makes Horsemaning...

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  • 30 Awesome Guitar Faces

    30 Awesome Guitar Faces

    Guitar Face (n.): The face that an incredible guitar player makes during a rockin’ guitar solo. Today is the 74th anniversary of the day the electric guitar was patented (like you didn’t already know that), so we’re celebrating with this gallery of rock legends giving us their best...

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