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  • Burning Man Photos

    Burning Man Photos

    Strap on your fanny pack full of LSD and cover yourself in dirt, because Burning Man is this weekend! Burning Man is an annual festival where a bunch of weirdos venture out into the middle of the god-forsaken desert in Nevada to drop acid, get naked, build things out of junk, and then burn those things...

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  • Sir Sean Connery Photos

    Sir Sean Connery Photos

    Happy Birthday to Sir Sean Connery, who is 81 years old today. Sean Connery is probably best known as the voice of Draco the Dragon in the film Dragonheart (you remember that movie, right? Of course you do!), but he also portrayed the best, most famous James Bond ever, the bad guy in Hunt for Red October,...

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  • Steve Jobs Photos

    Steve Jobs Photos

    Steve Jobs submitted his letter of resignation to Apple yesterday, which means he’s officially stepping down as the CEO of Apple. He suggested Apple’s Chief of Sales and Operations, Tim Cook, as his successor. Cook has been running the place since Jobs took a medical leave of absence in 2009,...

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  • Photos of People Ignoring Horrific Fires

    Photos of People Ignoring Horrific Fires

    House fires happen every day, and the local fire department is usually fantastic at responding to and extinguishing said house fires, but every now and then they decide to ignore the “putting it out” part of firefighting and just take photos in front of the fire instead. Sometimes it’s...

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  • Meet Paul Yarrow, the Fat Guy in the Background of Every News Report

    Meet Paul Yarrow, the Fat Guy in the Background of Every News Report

    The geniuses at Eazyman recently posted a piece about this guy, Paul Yarrow. Paul’s hobby is getting into the backgrounds of live news reports in the UK. If you’ve watched the news in the UK at any time in the past few years, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen Paul in the...

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  • Yearbook Photos of Famous Comedians

    Yearbook Photos of Famous Comedians

    It’s always fun to see what famous people looked like before they were famous, and yearbook photos of famous comedians provides an especially interesting insight, because most of the time comedians were mocked or teased as children, causing them to develop the sense of humor that eventually launched...

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  • A Collection of Kids’ To-Do Lists

    A Collection of Kids’ To-Do Lists

    Are you looking for a great reason to hate your life and wish you were a kid again? Well look no further, because this collection of kids’ to-do lists is just the ticket. As adults, we make to-do lists to keep us organized and remind us of all the crappy things we have to take care of on a day-to-day...

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  • Photos of Hurricanes Taken From Space

    Photos of Hurricanes Taken From Space

    Hurricane Irene is a powerful storm that’s quickly closing in on the great state of Florida. She’s already pounded Puerto with 81mph winds, and she’s only getting stronger. Brace yourself, Florida and the entire East Coast, because it’s going to be a wild ride. We’re bound...

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  • 25 Awesome Macbook Stickers

    25 Awesome Macbook Stickers

    Apple fans love their Macbooks, and every Macbook comes with a light up apple logo on the back. Naturally, Macbook owners have set out to find the most interesting way to decorate and personalize their Macbooks, while at the same time incorporating the iconic apple logo that’s stamped onto the...

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  • A Gallery of Birds with Arms

    A Gallery of Birds with Arms

    Birds are amazing creatures, but they’ve been held back by one evolutionary shortcoming: they don’t have arms. If there were birds with arms flying around, we’d all be long dead and they’d be the dominant species on the planet. Fortunately, a decent amount of the internet has...

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