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  • A Gallery of Riot Dog Photos

    A Gallery of Riot Dog Photos

    Riot Dog is a dog that’s been showing up to every riot in Athens, Greece for the past 20 years or so. They’re rioting in Greece again, so that means Riot Dog is back in action and we’ve got a gallery of riot dog photos to prove it. Nobody really knows the true origins of Riot Dog, but...

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  • Arizona Wildfire of 2011 Pictures

    Arizona Wildfire of 2011 Pictures

    These Arizona Wildfire 2011¬† photos don’t really do the blaze proper justice, because the fire that’s currently engulfing Arizona and New Mexico is enormous. It’s actually comprised of three huge forest fires now, and so far 2011′s Arizona Wildfire has burned through nearly half...

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  • Funny Michele Bachmann Pictures

    Funny Michele Bachmann Pictures

    You’ll be seeing a lot of funny Michele Bachmann pictures¬† over the next year or so, especially since she just officially announced her presidential candidacy. Let’s disregard politics for now and focus on the issue that really matters: Michele Bachmann has crazy eyes. Sometimes they look...

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  • A Gallery of Peter Falk Fan Art

    A Gallery of Peter Falk Fan Art

    Actor Peter Falk has died at the age of 83. Falk was best known by your grandparents for his potrayal of TV detective Columbo on the show of the same name, and you know him as Kevin Arnold’s grandpa in The Princess Bride. Falk leaves behind a great legacy of film and television roles that appealed...

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  • Courtney Stodden Photos and Videos

    Courtney Stodden Photos and Videos

    You’ve probably been hearing about the 51-year old actor who married a 16-year old aspiring musician named Courtney Stodden. The actor is Doug Hutchison, who’s best known for his roles as the creepy guy on Lost, the creepy guy in The Green Mile, and the creepy guy in Batman & Robin. The...

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  • A Gallery of Dogs With Human Bodies

    A Gallery of Dogs With Human Bodies

    Dogs are awesome. The only thing that would make dogs more awesome is if our dogs had hands so they could help us do work, arms so they could lift things for us, and the rest of a human body so that they could walk around with us and be our cool friend who has an amazing sense of smell. Here’s...

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  • A Gallery of Awesome ‘Zelda’ Costumes

    A Gallery of Awesome ‘Zelda’ Costumes

    It doesn’t take much to make a Link or Princess Zelda costume. Some Zelda fans do it with construction paper and felt. Other Zelda fans construct the most elaborate and beautiful costumes the nerd world has ever seen. This gallery has a little bit of both. Some of these Zelda costumes are good,...

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  • Innappropriate Grocery Store Signs

    Innappropriate Grocery Store Signs

    Grocery stores are hilarious places. With so many items and so many signs to describe those items, there’s bound to be a plethora of inappropriate signs to bewilder and amuse. Here’s a gallery of hilariously inappropriate grocery store signs.    

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  • A Gallery of Real Life Where’s Waldo Photos

    A Gallery of Real Life Where’s Waldo Photos

    Where’s Waldo has been a cultural phenomenon for almost 25 years, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Where’s Waldo books were a staple of children’s books in the 1990′s, and since then the kids who grew up finding Waldo on book pages are now dressing...

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  • Ryan Dunn is Dead

    Ryan Dunn is Dead

    Jackass star, daredevil, and all-around awesome dude Ryan Dunn is dead. Dunn was killed in a car accident late last night in Pennsylvania. Investigators are still piecing together the details of last night’s incident, but it appears that drunk driving may be to blame. Dunn was a Jackass and MTV...

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