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  • Weight Watchers Fails

    Weight Watchers Fails

    I fully stand behind the mission of Weight Watchers, but I have some complaints about their location scouting. Take a look at this collection of Weight Watchers Fails and check out the businesses that Weight Watchers chooses to saddle up next to. Burger joints? Donut shops? Custom Ice Cream and Pie bakeries?...

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  • 25 Awesome Baby Strollers

    25 Awesome Baby Strollers

    Regardless of the era, country, or geographical location in which they live, all human beings share a common sentiment: they all hate carrying their babies around. Fortunately, somebody at some point in history invented baby strollers, so that we could just push our babies around in wheelchairs without...

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  • Funny Movie Theater Marquees

    Funny Movie Theater Marquees

    Most of the time, movie theater marquees are just simple, informative signs that tell you what movies are playing. But sometimes a movie with a funny name comes out, like Blow or Knocked Up, and it totally changes any movie theater marquee it appears on. Other times, movie theater employees are just...

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  • Funny Vandalized Signs

    Funny Vandalized Signs

    Most of the time, vandalism is destructive and mean. Sometimes, though, vandalism can be really hilarious. This is the case with the photos in this gallery of funny vandalized signs. Sometimes signs lend themselves to a joke that’s so tempting people just can’t resist tampering with it to...

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  • 25 Amazing Macro Photos of Insects

    25 Amazing Macro Photos of Insects

    Macro Photography involves using special camera lenses that allow photographers to get extremely close, incredibly detailed photographs of their subjects. One of the favorite subjects of macro photographers is insects. When photographed with a macro lense, insects take on an entirely new life and personality,...

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  • A Gallery of Girls Skateboarding

    A Gallery of Girls Skateboarding

    No matter how you slice it, girls are awesome. There have been girl hockey players, girl Nascar drivers, and believe it or not there are a lot of girls who are awesome at skateboarding. In many ways, girls might actually be better at skateboarding than boys are. For example, girls can skateboard in bikinis...

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  • Pictures of Things That Don’t Belong

    Pictures of Things That Don’t Belong

    Ever look at a pic and wonder, “how the hell did that get there?” Sometimes things that don’t belong in the pictures manage to work their way into photos anyway, and it seems to be a growing epidemic. Why isn’t Al Gore addressing the real issues?! Check out this awesome gallery...

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  • A Gallery of Cool Custom Bowling Balls

    A Gallery of Cool Custom Bowling Balls

    Most bowling balls you see at normal bowling alleys are pretty average and boring. They’re usually black, or maybe some other solid color if you’re lucky, and they have a few finger holes and a weight number on the side and that’s about as interesting as they get. But every now and...

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  • 50 Funny Street Name Signs

    50 Funny Street Name Signs

    The person who creates street names has an awesome job, and it would be really fun to just think up names for new street signs all day. Eventually, it must get tough, though. Sometimes you probably feel like you’ve come up with every potential street name imaginable, and you probably start getting...

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  • Nicole Scherzinger Photos

    Nicole Scherzinger Photos

    Nicole Scherzinger is all the rage lately, mostly because she has a pretty great rack, and also because she’s popular for some other reason. Frankly, we don’t care. As long as the internet keeps posting photos and videos of Nicole Scherzinger, we’re perfectly happy. Here’s a gallery...

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