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  • Lucille Ball Photos

    Lucille Ball Photos

    If Lucille Ball were still alive, she would be 100 years old today. Many people don’t realize that, before she became the most famous female comedian in the history of show business, Lucille Ball was an accomplished actor and model. In fact, she was smoking hot. She was like Kate Upton, if Kate...

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  • A Gallery of Sad Wallstreet Traders

    A Gallery of Sad Wallstreet Traders

    The Dow Jones dropped 513 points yesterday, which is the largest drop since the last recession in 2008. That’s good, right? The stock market is like golf, right? The lower the better? Wait, that’s bad? Like, really bad? Well, crap. Looks like it’s time to gear up for a recession within...

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  • People Mimicking Statues

    People Mimicking Statues

    Statues are works of art, so it only makes sense that we humans would spend most of our time mocking them. Okay, so maybe it’s not mocking them exactly, but for some reason people seem obsessed with mimicking statues. Maybe it’s just a natural reaction to seeing a person-shaped block of marble...

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  • 27 Amazing Soap Sculptures

    27 Amazing Soap Sculptures

    Most of us just use soap to wash filth off of our bodies once a week, but some people actually use soap to create amazing soap sculptures. Soap sculptures go to painstaking lengths to create remarkable works of art with striking detail. They seem to prefer sculpting flowers, mainly because flower soap...

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  • 25 Funny Food Trucks

    25 Funny Food Trucks

    Over the past couple of years food trucks have been popping up in metropolitan areas like crazy, and now Los Angeles and New York City are home to billions of up-and-coming food trucks. With all that food truck competition, food truck proprietors have to find new and creative ways to get noticed and...

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  • Girls Are Bad at Motocross

    Girls Are Bad at Motocross

    Men are better than women at sports. That’s just a simple fact that 30 seconds of any WNBA game will prove without question, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of things that women are way better at than men so let us have our sports, ladies. Having said that, I couldn’t...

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  • 25 MTV Cakes for MTV’s 30th Birthday

    25 MTV Cakes for MTV’s 30th Birthday

    Today is MTV’s 30th birthday, and we’ve collected some MTV birthday cake photos! You can tell MTV is turning 30 today because instead of being hip and cool like it was 15 years ago, now it spends most of its time being boring and taking care of 12-year olds. Nonetheless, MTV is one of the...

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  • 30 Objects with Faces

    30 Objects with Faces

    Whether you like it or not, you’re constantly surrounded by objects with faces. You may not notice them all the time because your brain learns to tune them out. When you look at objects you see them as what they are: a muffin, a faucet, or a computer mouse. But your brain also has an uncanny ability...

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  • 27 Unusual Bras

    27 Unusual Bras

    Y’know what the best thing about a bra is? That it’s usually filled with boobs. You can easily cover boobs with a normal, everyday bra that’s made of boring fabric and dull colors. Or, you can create a bra that’s clever, kooky, weird, nerdy, dangerous, or just downright awesome....

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  • 30 Foods With Googly Eyes

    30 Foods With Googly Eyes

    Why hasn’t anyone invented edible googly eyes yet? Food is clearly more fun with googly eyes, and it’s also (for some weird, possibly morbid reason) much more fun to eat something when it has eyes attached to it so that it seems like it’s alive. Why can’t I have fun food and then...

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