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  • 25 Cool Police Cars

    25 Cool Police Cars

    Cops are responsible for enforcing the law, pepper spraying stubborn students, and catching bad guys. Sometimes when a bad guy has a fast car, cops have to use cool police cars to catch them. Cops also just like having cool police cars to show off at parades and stuff. Whatever the reason, there are...

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  • A Gallery of Things In the Dark

    A Gallery of Things In the Dark

    For some reason, photos of things in the dark are just creepy. Whether it’s a trail cam, a poorly lit photo, or something from the bottom of the ocean, there’s usually a good chance that a photo of a thing in the dark is going to be super creepy. It might be funny, absurd, or cool, but if...

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  • 25 Appetizing Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

    25 Appetizing Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

    I can’t wait for my Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, so I’ve been looking at pictures of other peoples’ Thanksgiving dinner plates all day. I guarantee that this gallery of Thanksgiving food will make you incredibly hungry, so you’d better have something to eat nearby. Although, if...

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  • 25 Turkey Loving Thanksgiving Dogs

    25 Turkey Loving Thanksgiving Dogs

    You already know how delicious your house smells on Thanksgiving, with all that delicious food cooking all day. Now imagine what it would be like if your sense of smell was 1,000 times stronger, because that’s what your dog is experiencing on Thanksgiving day. All those delicious smells of turkey,...

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  • Funny Thanksgiving Photos

    Funny Thanksgiving Photos

    Thanksgiving is a time to get together with your family and be thankful for all the great things that you have. It’s also a perfect time to play with a giant bird carcass and make hilarious turkey-related jokes (the only other time to do this is Christmas, so make good use of the turkey-centric...

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  • 25 Dogs Playing in Leaves

    25 Dogs Playing in Leaves

    Autumn is upon us, which can only mean one thing: dog toys falling from the sky! Dogs love playing in leaves, so autumn is the perfect season for them. In fact, dogs love playing in leaves so much that I can’t figure out how they survived before being domesticated millions of years ago. I mean,...

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  • A Gallery of Crappy Vending Machines

    A Gallery of Crappy Vending Machines

    A crappy vending machine is the absolute worst torture in the entire world. It’s a very simple man vs. machine showdown, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do to get your soda out. If you weren’t concerned about the vending machine, you could just get a friend to help you tip the...

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  • Photos of the Recently Extinct Black Rhino

    Photos of the Recently Extinct Black Rhino

    The Black Rhinoceros is officially extinct. For the past 10 years or so, numerous conservation efforts have been underway to save the Black Rhino of Western Africa, and it was believed that there were as few as ten rhinos left in the wild. But last week, the IUCN (the organization that monitors endangered...

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  • 25 Sesame Street Tattoos

    25 Sesame Street Tattoos

    If you’re under the age of 40, then there’s a good chance you spent much of your childhood watching Sesame Street. Therefore, it only makes sense that when you reached adulthood, you promptly went out and got your favorite Sesame Street character permanently engraved into your body, so that...

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  • Joe Paterno Photos

    Joe Paterno Photos

    Joe Paterno was fired as the Head Coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. After serving as Penn State’s Head Football Coach since 1966, Joe Paterno was dismissed due to his involvement in covering up, or at least being complicit in covering up, child sexual abuse allegations against one of his former...

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