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  • Photos of the Lascaux Cave Paintings

    Photos of the Lascaux Cave Paintings

    On this day in 1940, four curious French teenagers chased their dog, Robot,  into a narrow cave and discovered the Lascaux Cave Paintings, a huge collection of 17,000-year old cave paintings that date back to the Paleolithic Era. The Lascaux Cave Paintings contain over 2,000 drawings depicting animals,...

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  • Pole Sitting is the Old Planking

    Pole Sitting is the Old Planking

    Before there was planking, batmaning, and owling, there was Pole Sitting. Pole Sitting began in 1924, when a friend dared stuntman Alvin “Shipwreck” Kelly to sit on a flagpole for as long as he could. Shipwreck sat on the top of a pole for 13 hours and 13 minutes, and people immediately began...

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  • Funny Liquor Store Names

    Funny Liquor Store Names

    Liquor stores are everywhere these days, and business is booming. But with so much competition, individual liquor stores sometimes have to get creative in order to bring in customers and get attention from passers-by. In this situation, a catchy, memorable, and hilarious store name is essential, and...

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  • A Gallery of Cats in Refrigerators

    A Gallery of Cats in Refrigerators

    I totally understand why cats like refrigerators so much. It’s been pretty warm recently, and if I had a giant, super-cold room full of food (and I wasn’t smart enough to understand that I would inevitably suffocate in that room), I would be hanging out in there all the time. Here’s...

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  • Funny Yard Sale Signs

    Funny Yard Sale Signs

    The economy is in the dumps, and times are tough. In these hard times, many people have turned to yard sales as a means of making some extra money, but with all the yard sales popping up everywhere these days, it can be difficult to attract customers to your yard sale. Fortunately, people have started...

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  • Eddie Murphy Photos

    Eddie Murphy Photos

    It’s official: Eddie Murphy will host next year’s Academy Awards. While many people think that Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars is a bad idea (mainly because the ex-comedian has done nothing besides crappy kids’ movies for the past 10 years), others are excited to see if Eddie Murphy...

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  • Texas Wildfire Photos

    Texas Wildfire Photos

    Texas has always been home to some of the most terrifying wildfires Mother Nature can muster up, but the Lone Star State is taking a particularly brutal wildfire beating this summer. After one of the longest droughts in the state’s recorded history, a wildfire originating in Bastrop County is quickly...

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  • Hottest Girl Ever?

    Hottest Girl Ever?

    This might just be the hottest girl ever. Sure, she’s probably borrowing her MMA Fighter boyfriend’s crotch rocket to go and buy him a new pair of brass knuckles for his birthday, but any girl on a motorcycle with heels, short shorts, and fingerless leather gloves is bound to be awesome.

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  • 29 Terrible Jobs That are Worse than Your Job

    29 Terrible Jobs That are Worse than Your Job

    I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Labor Day where you don’t have to wake up early to go to your crappy job and make money for somebody else. It’s easy to spend your entire Labor Day thinking about how much your job sucks, how much you like having the day off, and how your job is probably...

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  • Keanu Reeves Photos

    Keanu Reeves Photos

    Today is Keanu Reeves’ birthday, but it doesn’t really matter because Keanu Reeves is immortal. The internet has known this for a long time, and they’ve compiled more than enough photographic evidence to prove it. For example, you’ll notice in this gallery of Keanu Reeves photos...

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