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  • 27 Awesome Hot Air Balloons

    27 Awesome Hot Air Balloons

    Hot air balloons are awesome. There’s really no point to hot air balloons, but we still love them. And the best thing about hot air balloons is that balloon makers can shape a hot air balloon to look like whatever you want. You want a giant cowboy boot balloon? You got it. You want a champagne...

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  • Hot Chicks Inside Appliances

    Hot Chicks Inside Appliances

    Hot girls are hot. I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes hot girls also like to climb inside of appliances. In our quest for such photos, we came across pictures of hot girls in refrigerators,  hot girls in dryers, hot girls in freezers, and even a hot girl in an oven. Are you crazy, hot girl?!...

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  • Phoenix Jones Photos

    Phoenix Jones Photos

    Phoenix Jones is a costumed vigilante crime fighter in Seattle. In other words, he’s a real life superhero. He also got arrested recently for pepper spraying a crowd of people. Phoenix has been patrolling the streets of Seattle for several years now, along with a motley crew of other costumed crime...

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  • 30 Incredibly Nerdy Sweaters

    30 Incredibly Nerdy Sweaters

    It’s starting to get cold. Winter is coming! That means it might be time for you to stock up on some totally awesome, incredibly nerdy sweaters for the winter season. It’s important to stay warm, but it’s equally important to make sure that everyone knows you’re a huge nerd. Luckily,...

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  • 25 Awesome Aquariums

    25 Awesome Aquariums

    Despite being incredibly hard to maintain and pretty pointless, aquariums are awesome. Having a normal aquarium is cool enough in itself, but if you happen to have an aquarium that’s even more awesome than a normal aquarium, then you should definitely have more friends. Take a look at this collection...

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  • 30 Awkward Wedding Photos

    30 Awkward Wedding Photos

    Weddings are awkward to begin with. It’s the most nerve-wrecking day of your life, you’re wearing expensive wedding clothes that you can’t mess up, you spent a ton of money on a wedding party for a bunch of people that you don’t really like that much anyway, and you’re surrounded...

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  • Steve Jobs Fan Art

    Steve Jobs Fan Art

    Steve Jobs was a visionary who revolutionized the world of technology and the world itself. Sadly, Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 and will be greatly missed but his vision and talent will live on in his work. To show their appreciation, many dedicated Steve Jobs fans have comprised art work from...

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  • Celebrities Making Stupid Faces

    Celebrities Making Stupid Faces

    Celebrities are just like us. They go to the bathroom, they eat junk food, they watch trashy reality television, and occasionally they make stupid faces. Sometimes cameras are around when celebrities make stupid faces, and whether it’s due to poor timing, great photoshop work, or even intentional...

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  • Cool Super Mario Bros. Art

    Cool Super Mario Bros. Art

    Super Mario is not only two Italian Brothers in overalls running around eating mushrooms and throwing turnips at turtles but it’s also your favorite childhood pastime. But look at it in a new light and you’ll probably say what we said… WTF. Who came up with this and why is it so awesome....

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  • 25 Awesome Mugs

    25 Awesome Mugs

    Most of us encounter mugs everyday. Whether it’s in the office or at home, mugs contain the precious liquid that helps us start our day: coffee. Any mug can do the job, but if you really want to wake yourself up in the morning, try drinking your coffee out of a cool, funny, or awesome mug. It’ll...

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