• Do Gamers Get Girls?

    Do Gamers Get Girls?

    Kids are into video games now more than ever, but how does that affect their love life? Do gamers have girlfriends? And if so, are they even remotely attractive? If you find yourself laying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, and losing sleep over important questions like this, then we’ve got...

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  • Are Rich People Evil?

    Are Rich People Evil?

    Are rich people evil? Scientific studies at UC Berkeley seem to suggest that they are. In a variety of different experiments, rich people have a tendency to lie, cheat, and steal more than poorer people. They’re also more likely to be bad drivers, default on mortgages, and cheat on their spouses....

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  • Americans are Losing Their Patience

    Americans are Losing Their Patience

    Americans are quickly losing their patience, and it’s because the internet is getting faster. We’re growing increasingly unwilling to wait for movies and music to come onto the market, we don’t want to wait for restaurant tables anymore, and we find it very rude when someone takes too...

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  • The 10 Best Drugs in Video Games

    The 10 Best Drugs in Video Games

    Drugs have been commonplace in the real world for eons. Drugs have created serious problems for individual users and entire societies that become culturally addicted to drugs. In recent years, drugs have found their way into the virtual world too, and some video games feature incredible fictional drugs...

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  • How a Dog’s Brain Works

    How a Dog’s Brain Works

    Dogs are Man’s best friend, and there’s a good reason for that: a long time ago dogs realized that hanging around humans was a good way to consistently get food, and humans were especially giving if the dog cooperated and followed orders. Thousands of years later, we all have dogs that we...

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  • 10 Best Video Game Bonus Stages

    10 Best Video Game Bonus Stages

    Sure, video game bonus stages only give you points that don’t matter in the end, but bonus stages are a fun part to many of our favorite classic video games. While most current-gen video games avoid them, those video games that do give us a retro throwback of a bonus stage earn a fond place in our...

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  • 30 Dr. Suess Quotes to Live By

    30 Dr. Suess Quotes to Live By

    Dr. Suess‘ The Lorax opens tomorrow in theaters everywhere. The Lorax is the fourth Dr. Suess-based movie to be released in the past 12 years (not counting the old animated ones). If you’ve been a kid in the last 50 years, there’s a good chance you grew up with Dr. Suess, but if you’re...

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  • Fun Facts About Ramen

    Fun Facts About Ramen

    Ramen: we’ve all eaten it, and many of us have survived on it for months at a time. Ramen is probably the cheapest meal you can buy, and it might surprise you that it’s healthier than many other more expensive “cheap meal” alternatives. This infographic contains a wealth of information,...

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  • The 10 Best Video Game Movies Ever Made

    The 10 Best Video Game Movies Ever Made

    Okay, so the video game world has been the laughing stock of movie buffs for quite some time. Many gamers would argue that cinematic video games like Ico and Uncharted are interactive films, but alas Hollywood is still looking for the perfect “Video Game Movie”, even though most of them aren’t...

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  • Geeks vs. Hipsters: An Infographic

    Geeks vs. Hipsters: An Infographic

    This infographic from Geeks are Sexy finally answers a two-year old question: what’s the difference between Geeks and Hipsters? On the surface, there are many similarities: geeks and hipsters both like music, movies, and nerdy clothing and culture. So what distinguishes a legitimate geek from a...

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