• Celebrities Without Eyebrows

    Celebrities Without Eyebrows

    Why do we have eyebrows? To keep sweat from running into our eyes, or to keep ourselves from looking like weird alien freaks? Whatever the biological reason for eyebrows might be, these photos of celebrities with their eyebrows removed will definitely convince you that eyebrows are a must. Without them,...

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  • Yip Yip Yip Yip!

    Yip Yip Yip Yip!

    The Sesame Street Yip Yips made an appearance at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia last weekend. The cameo has been declared “the most epic win in the history of cosplay“. Here’s a video of the Sesame Street Yip Yips at DragonCon:  

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  • Top 10 Video Game Cheat Codes

    Top 10 Video Game Cheat Codes

    What happens when video games stop being fun to play? You cheat of course! For some reason, video game cheat codes don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong. They just feel like they’re adding to the fun. Just punching in one of these video game cheat codes added insane amounts of replay...

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  • Gamer Commute

    Gamer Commute

    Here’s a new video from Freddie Wong called Gamer Commute, in which Freddie brings his incredible special effects skills to the world of everyday living in video games. As you’ll see from the video, life would be infinitely more awesome if we had just a few common video game occurrences....

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  • Your House is Made of World Trade Center Rocks

    Your House is Made of World Trade Center Rocks

    A Reddit user received this letter from a 90-year old former occupant of his house. The letter stated that the house was partially built using rocks from the World Trade Center rubble shortly after September 11, 2001. Is that really cool or really weird? I’ll need to hear a recording of Ed Asner...

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  • Magic Trick FAIL

    Magic Trick FAIL

    Meet Michel and Sven, two little German kids who recorded themselves performing a magic trick. It starts innocently enough, but it ends in full-fledged magic FAIL catastrophe.  Do you think it’s a real magical mishap? Why would it take two kids to perform a tablecloth pull? Why does the little...

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  • How Heineken Beer Got Its Name
  • The Full House Street Fighter Video Game

    The Full House Street Fighter Video Game

    Oh, how I wish this Street Fighter-inspired Full House Tournament video game was real. If it was, I wouldn’t even worry about competing in the tournament aspect of the game. I would just choose Danny Tanner as my character, and then alternate between beating the crap out of all the daughters. Maybe...

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  • Fox News Doesn’t Understand Video Games

    Fox News Doesn’t Understand Video Games

    In this clip from Fox News, a Fox anchor talks about video games with some dude who claims to be an expert, and the two of them unearth a startling discovery: Fox News doesn’t understand video games at all. I have so many complaints about this video that I don’t even know where to begin....

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  • A Collection of 3D Building Projection Videos

    A Collection of 3D Building Projection Videos

    Move over, statues and ice sculptures. There’s a new form of visual art that’s sweeping the globe, and this time it’s digital. 3D projection mapping is the art of creating a digital image of an actual building, projecting that image onto the building it’s portraying, then adding...

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