• 14 Different Ways to Visualize 1,000 dollars

    14 Different Ways to Visualize 1,000 dollars

    Sometimes when we look at government statistics, we learn that the United States government is trillions of dollars in debt.  But the number 1 trillion is a little too much for our feeble minds to handle.  So lets break this money down into increments of 1,000 dollars and visualize it. 

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  • 9 Reasons I hate buzzfeed

    9 Reasons I hate buzzfeed

    I hate Buzzfeed because it’s a profit serving entity that simultaneously dumbs down our population through cheap viral blogging while at same time exploiting profits at the expense of its contributors.  This further exacerbates the sad decline of journalism. It used to be journalists had enough integrity...

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  • Noah leads his two sons on a quest through the continent to find Methuselah

    Noah: The 130 million dollar sequel to Troll 2.

    Hint: Go see Troll 2 and save yourself 10 dollars.   Both are the same story, except one cost 130 million dollars to make.

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  • Source: Wikipedia

    Here is the Fix to CNN’s MX 370 Flight Coverage

    Are there other Americans that are upset with CNN’s coverage of Malaysian Flight 370? Because I am, and dammit, it’s a 24 hours news cycle.

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  • With herpes

    3 Passive Aggressive Herpes Life Hacks You Should Know

    Like food stamps, genital herpes no longer bears the stigma it once had during your parent’s generation. 

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  • Thanks 1990′s era Celebrities and Pundits.  You’re Asshats.

    Thanks 1990′s era Celebrities and Pundits. You’re Asshats.

    Thanks to celebrities and pundits who are able to voice their opinions loudly over the rest of the internet, government investigators have been effectively able to use their advice to eradicate measles and determine the fate of Malaysia Flight 370.

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  • 5 Bears Taking Photographs (Pics)

    5 Bears Taking Photographs (Pics)

    I don’t think the bears are actually taking photographs. That is just ridiculous. They are just looking at the camera out of curiosity because they scared away or consumed the photographer and now don’t know what to do. If bears could take photographs, the world would be a better place, but...

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  • aww fuck it

    Why Costco Doesn’t Sell Thongs

    The Costco ethos is all about more for less, but when it comes to the human body, we tend to appreciate and pay more for less, instead of less for more. An examination of hooker prices over the last 50 years overwhelmingly supports this thesis. 

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  • 11 Glass Replicas of Parasites (Pics)

    11 Glass Replicas of Parasites (Pics)

    These make really rad sculptures, but imagine a ton of these things crawling around inside your veins and mucking up everything in your body. If you’re disease-free, imagine using one of these as a tiny vase or a little coffee cup. Aww, how cute.

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  • 20 Amazing Pictures of 3D Printed Sugar (Pics)

    20 Amazing Pictures of 3D Printed Sugar (Pics)

    Now you can drink your coffee like a real snob. Here are 20 pictures of 3D printed sugar that will make your blood pressure go up just looking at them. Do you eat it? Do you just stare at it? Oh my god, life is so hard when you have a 3D printer and a weight problem.

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