• The Real Cost of an iPhone

    The Real Cost of an iPhone

    If you have an iPhone, chances are you absolutely love it. But do you know how much it costs? I mean, besides the $250 dollars you have to pay when you sign up for a new service plan. Do you know where the raw materials come from, how it’s manufactured, and how the iPhone’s use affects you...

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  • 25 Incredible Tornado Photos

    25 Incredible Tornado Photos

    In the movie Twister, the storm hunting team referred to tornadoes as “The Finger of God”. A tornado Nature’s most violent, precise, and unpredictable weather phenomena, and while they’re incredibly awesome to observe and watch, tornadoes have unbelievably devastating effects...

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  • Dinosaur on a Motorcycle
  • Big Cats + Mirrors

    Big Cats + Mirrors

    Many big cats like tigers, mountain lions, and jaguars are solitary animals. They’re not very used to encountering other cats in the wild, and when they do it’s usually a very dangerous situation. Nonetheless, the awesome people at Big Cat Rescue decided to see what would happen if they showed...

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  • Thanks, Home Depot!
  • 26 Hilarious Optical Illusion Photos

    26 Hilarious Optical Illusion Photos

    Sometimes a photo will surprise you. You may think you’re snapping a photo of you and your friends, but then when you look at the photo, a hilarious optical illusion makes it look like you’re spreading your legs, or a girl has a penis. You may be trying to take a simple photo of your pet...

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  • WTF?!!!
  • The New Total Recall 2012 Trailer

    The New Total Recall 2012 Trailer

    Good news! Hollywood is making a new Total Recall. For those of you thinking that the original Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall of the 80’s is still great and doesn’t need to be re-made, you’re probably right. Nonetheless, Hollywood has taken the initiative on this one, and so far...

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  • A Matter of Perspective
  • 21 Awesome Owl Tattoos

    21 Awesome Owl Tattoos

    Well, owl be damned! Turns out that tattoos of the birds with the Steve Buscemi eyes are crazy popular — and why not? The nocturnal birds of prey are associated with wisdom, magic and clairvoyance, for starters.

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