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  • Are LOLCats Art?

    Are LOLCats Art?

    The Idea Channel posted a new video which poses an interesting question: are LOLcats and other internet memes a form of art? If art is supposed to be an expression of emotions to strangers, does a meme do the same thing? Watch the video and decide for yourself: Are LOLcats and internet memes art?    

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  • Loyola's Spirit of Giving
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Bottled Water

    10 Interesting Facts About Bottled Water

    If you’re a normal person, there’s a good chance you drink bottled water occasionally. Maybe you’re one of those people who drinks bottled water every single day. If that’s the case, then shame on you! Bottled water is more expensive, more wasteful, and possibly even less healthy...

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  • 25 Babies Sleeping Funny

    25 Babies Sleeping Funny

    We’ve already seen cats sleeping funny and dogs sleeping funny, but little furry pets aren’t the only ones who can find interesting positions to sleep in. Sometimes babies sleep funny too, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Here are 25 babies sleeping funny:  

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  • How To Make a Ceiling Fan Fun
  • Stop Motion Subway Graffiti

    Stop Motion Subway Graffiti

    Every now and then, you come across a special work of graffiti art that blows your mind. This is a graffiti piece put together by an unknown street artist. As you can see from the video, this series of graffiti frames acts like a stop motion cartoon when viewed from the window of a passing train. That’s...

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  • A Helpful Couples Chart

    A Helpful Couples Chart

    This helpful Couples chart is good for anyone, but it’s especially helpful for socially awkward people who have trouble determining “what the deal is” with couples they see in public. This chart will teach you to immediately determine if two people are dating friends, gay, rich, or...

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  • 30 Sexy Celebrity Babes...with Beards

    30 Sexy Celebrity Babes…with Beards

    If you’re in search of something weird and hilarious, look no further. We all love sexy celebrity babes like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. Now, thanks to¬† the internet and the magic of photoshop, it’s possible to see those sexy celebrity babes how you’ve always wanted to see them: with...

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