• A Good Reason to Buy a Boat
  • These People are All CCOKCs

    These People are All CCOKCs

    These people are all CCOKCs…that is, Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron. As you may have heard, Kirk Cameron recently said publicly that he believes homosexuality is destroying our society. What he didn’t realize is that it’s mostly rich old white people who are destroying our...

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  • Living the Dream
  • Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

    Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

    If you’ve been keeping up to date on your nerdy tech business merger news lately, you’re probably already aware that Facebook recently bought the photo sharing behemoth Instagram for a whopping $1 Billion. Who’d have thought that a company founded entirely on other people’s photos...

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  • 25 Babes of Coachella

    25 Babes of Coachella

    The Coachella Music Festival is happening this weekend in Coachella, California. Coachella is one of the largest annual hipster parties in the nation, and there’s also a music festival going on, too. Coachella is full of dirty, drugged up, dehydrated hipsters who think they’re God’s...

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  • Mantis on a Bicycle
  • Bartender Scams!

    Bartender Scams!

    Here’s a handy instructional video that will teach you how to look out for some common bartender scams, but I have an even easier way to avoid getting scammed by a bartender: don’t go to crappy bars. Most bartenders are just normal people who don’t give a crap about how much of their...

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  • Star Wars Beach Party
  • Everything You Need to Know About Poop

    Everything You Need to Know About Poop

    Everybody poops. In fact, poop might be the one thing on the planet that every single creature on Earth can relate to. No matter how rich, poor, smart, or stupid you are, you have to poop. Poop is the ultimate equalizer. But just how much do you know about poop? I mean, you probably know the basics already:...

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  • 25 Awesome Video Game Quilts

    25 Awesome Video Game Quilts

    Video games and quilts seem to go hand in hand. At first it might seem like an odd match, but the archaic 8-bit pixelation of classic video games actually lends itself quite well to quilting. Quilting is all squares, and old school video game graphics are made entirely of different colored squares. Combine...

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