• Textbook Photobomb
  • 20 Things Made of Bacon

    20 Things Made of Bacon

    Bacon. No one can resist it. We all know that bacon is delicious, and that bacon compliments absolutely any food, but it turns out you can also create stunning works of art using bacon. From flowers, to Star Wars sculptures, to clothing. You can make anything out of bacon, and here’s the best part:...

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  • The Luckiest Man in the World
  • The Saddest Flashmob Ever

    The Saddest Flashmob Ever

    Leave it to elderly people to take an old, tired trend and totally botch it a year after it became stupid in the first place. This video is from an attempted flashmob by a senior citizens center last Friday. Just for future reference, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re planning your...

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  • A Message from Tupac
  • 25 Grannies with Guns

    25 Grannies with Guns

    Grandmas are awesome. They’re old and funny and they don’t have to follow any rules because they can just say they’re too old to understand. They can pretend to be senial any time they want and it’s perfectly acceptable. They can also say anything they want to anyone at anytime,...

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  • The Best Obama and Clinton Photo Ever
  • Baby vs. Vacuum Cleaner

    Baby vs. Vacuum Cleaner

    It’s one of the most timeless battles in the history of mankind: babies vs. vacuum cleaners. Some babies are terrified of vacuum cleaners because they make a loud noise and don’t really seem to do anything but scare us. This baby, on the other hand, has chosen to embrace his family’s...

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  • The 80's in One Photo
  • Charlie Chaplin Photos

    Charlie Chaplin Photos

    Today is the birthday of legendary silent film star Charlie Chaplin, who is arguably the most famous and recognizable film star in cinema history. Most of us remember Charlie Chaplin as his famous silent film character “The Tramp”, who frequently got himself into sticky situations that required...

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