27 Funniest Olympic Diving Faces

    August 1, 2016 at 11:52 am

    With the intense pressure and excitement surrounding the ongoing Rio Olympics 2016, many are left on the edge of their seats. How about relaxing for a little bit and enjoying some good laughs in the middle of cheers for your national teams?

    Just take a look at these split-second shots of Olympic divers in mid-air! We couldn’t help but take a couple of looks at each photo, and just couldn’t stop laughing at the different funny faces that the athletes┬áhad formed, similar to those sky diving faces that we all love seeing!┬áSo by all means, enjoy the gallery below and feel free to show them off to your friends!

    13873001_10153954536466028_274291633449551143_n 13876513_10153954536351028_7276715738161708531_n 13882347_10153954536571028_5521999046550876230_n 13882590_10153954536271028_6135485591538321868_n 13886506_10153954536611028_9180267507276246053_n 13892051_10153954536741028_6172022995721683278_n 13901316_10153954536821028_527668156729362555_n 13902797_10153954536341028_772521545207683016_n 13902797_10153954536461028_2915044448160864895_n 13906620_10153954536436028_709870121034637964_n 13906690_10153954536276028_6618463155734409250_n (1) 13906690_10153954536276028_6618463155734409250_n 13906724_10153954536141028_7862564328883268985_n 13934640_10153954536531028_1795903144512469576_n 13934699_10153954536346028_693955443303780648_n

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