16 Shocking Before And After Photos Of Drug Addicts

    June 15, 2016 at 12:27 pm

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    People had been trying to inject and take just about anything to keep looking young, but not these people; what irony is it that some drugs can make you look young while some can make you look a lot older–like Lindsay Lohan, for example.

    Check out these before and after photos of drug usage gone wrong, and see how much change could occur in a couple of years and even months. If anything, these will only reinforce how much you shouldn’t even be thinking of trying them out for fun. After all, they all started with that simple idea…

    260368_10150213158886875_5500291_n 262269_10150213159111875_2991792_n 262667_10150213158966875_2490937_n 262767_10150213159541875_2696228_n 263539_10150213159266875_5559379_n 264042_10150213158726875_1451933_n 264301_10150213159351875_5291326_n 267337_10150213159036875_6795556_n 267384_10150213158616875_3833928_n 267673_10150213159491875_485511_n 268038_10150213158781875_33742_n 268158_10150213158851875_2276742_n 268605_10150213158506875_8208370_n (1)  269704_10150213159416875_6773341_n 270272_10150213159191875_2688206_n 270782_10150213158661875_834814_n

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