11 Celebrity Lookalikes Riding Public Transportation

    April 13, 2016 at 1:03 am

    With all the different kinds of people that you bump into during your daily commute, you’re bound to find a couple of strangers who look familiar. Some of them might look like someone you personally know, and others might just happen to look like famous people. And when it’s the latter, well, it’s bound to make your heart jump a bit, because what if it’s really them?! Then again, the odds are pretty slim because celebrities don’t usually ride the bus or the metro (unless they’re Keanu Reeves).

    Below are some snapshots of some of those strangers who look almost exactly like famous celebrities. We swear, the resemblances are uncanny! We even had to check if some of them were really strangers. With the exception of the dude who looks like Wolverine, these are really spot on. We have to thank all the people who contributed these amazing “paparazzi” shots for all the Internet to see!

    1. Bob Marley


    2. Morgan Freeman


    3. Albert Einstein


    4. Vin Diesel


    5. Tom “Loki” Hiddleston


    6. Hugh Jackma / Wolverine


    7. Dora the Explorer


    8. Stan Lee


    9. Jack Nicholson


    10. Carlos Santana


    11. Vin Diesel


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