25 Funny Comments about the Infamous McDonald’s Franchise Survey

    October 20, 2015 at 7:10 pm

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    Is McDonald’s tanking franchises, as alleged in a recent survey of restaurant owners? We turned to Business Insider to find out… The results were surprisingly senile.The recent McDonald’s franchise survey has polarized the company. The results were depressingly low, with most surveyed owners saying McDonald’s recent food changes have made it impossible to run a franchised restaurant. On the other hand, their stock is at an all time high, and the switch to all-day breakfast has been received with overwhelming acclaim.

    Hoping to make some sense of this issue, we looked at coverage on BusinessInsider.com. We were soon distracted by a comments section that rivals YouTube in terms of shoe-horned derogatory opinions on a variety of ethnicities and modern technologies. Here are the 25 funniest comments we found from this Business Insider article about the McDonald’s franchise survey.


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