Synesthesia: 25 Posts by Normal People Who Desperately Want to Be Crazy

    April 28, 2015 at 1:27 pm

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    Yahoo has trumped itself and published the worst article in history.

    Sometimes there is a cross-wiring in the brain which mixes up people’s senses, so they “taste” music or “see” smells. This is known as “synesthesia” or sometimes “being high on mescaline.” However, people who are convinced they are special snowflakes will self-diagnose as this, when they are actually just normal people. We all see numbers as having a color in our head, because the shows and books that taught us to count used colored numbers.

    It doesn’t help that scientists are stupid at explaining things: A recent article about a synesthesia study stated that “For example, a synesthete closely associates the words “doctor” and “nurse,” but finds the words “doctor” and “table” to be very unrelated,” a condition which actually applies to about 100% of people.

    We examined the comments section of that article, and found 25 people desperate to be “interesting” by self-diagnosing as synsethetes, when actually they are just normal, boring people. Hilariously boring people. We also included some of the funniest joke responses we found.


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