17 Cartoon Characters And Their Funny Lookalikes

    March 23, 2015 at 8:32 am

    Cartoon characters are fictional, right? At least, that’s the common belief, probably until we saw their human counterparts and, boy, are the resemblances uncanny! Just check out the 17 cartoon characters and their ¬†hilariouslookalikes below. While a lot of these comparisons are probably just for fun, it creates the theory that maybe, just maybe, most cartoon characters really are based on someone from real life and those people don’t even have the slightest clue.

    Family Guy's Meg Griffin and lookalike

    Dora and lookalike

    Toy Story's Mrs. Potato Head and lookalike

    Rugrats' Donnie Thornberry and lookalike Lil Wayne

    Simpsons' Mr Burns and lookalike

    Papa Smurf and lookalike

    Simpsons' Comic Book Guy and lookalike

    Ninja Turtle and lookalike

    Up's Carl Fredricksen and lookalike

    Up's Russell and lookalike

    Johnny Bravo and lookalike

    Toy Story's Andy and lookalike

    Granny and Tweety with lookalike

    Ratatouille lead and lookalike

    Frozen's Princess Elsa and lookalike

    Dragon Ball's Mr Satan and lookalike

    Milhouse and lookalike

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