12 Photos Of Amazing Fruit And Vegetable Art

    January 7, 2015 at 8:18 am

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    Anyone would be crazy not to appreciate these wonderfully made fruit and vegetable art. Because, really, how long do you think it took just to finish these masterpieces?

    One downside though: One may not have the appetite for these amazing works of art. Or you would, but you wouldn’t have the heart to even touch or ruin them!

    So while you hope that they’re serving actual fruits for you to devour (if you ever come across fruit and vegetable art such as these at the next wedding that you’ll be attending), enjoy staring at them and ignore feelings of pity as you realize that you’ll probably never be able to create something just as beautiful as these!

    Watermelon carved into beautiful bird design

    Fruits carved into colorful and cute big and small owls

    Large fruit/vegetable carved to make patterns and bird

    Pineapple made into a bird and fruit nest

    Kiwi carved into a bear

    Fruit cut up into squares to form a rubix cube

    Food carved into a beautiful, intricate peacock

    Watermelon carved to make intricate flower pattern

    Large fruit carved to create beautiful flower patterns

    Watermelon, orange and other fruits carved into a cute baby carriage

    Watermelon carved into an intricately designed teapot

    Food carving with amazing flower patterns and bird

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