5 Weird Conventions You Didn’t Know Existed

    February 21, 2013 at 4:00 am

    As far as weird goes, the Gathering of the Juggalos is so 2011. Here are five truly weird conventions you probably didn’t know existed.

    ZebraCon and Yaoi-Con

    Different but not really, ZebraCon and Yaoi-Con are two adults-only conventions where pop culture fans congregate to discuss x-rated fan fiction based on a number of television shows and cartoons.

    ZebraCon began as a homoerotic fan fiction convection based just around Starsky and Hutch, but soon grew to include a number of popular television shows and would award ‘Huggy Awards’ to the best stories. ZebraCon was first held in 1979 but ended in 2007.
    Yaoi-Con is homoerotic fan fiction that centers around anime characters and is a convention largely attended by women. Events included movie screenings, x-rated music videos showing fornicating anime characters, a masquerade, a raffle, a dance, a homoerotic drawings scavenger hunt, swap meet, and caption contest. Unlike ZebraCon, Yaoi-Con is still going strong and planning their next event for 2014.

    Conspiracy Con

    A sea of tinfoil hats forms below a green and yellow fog of stench in this weird convention called Conspiracy Con, where lunatics everywhere flock to discuss reptilian lizard people, secret alien coverups, UFOs, and the Illuminati’s secret agenda to conquer and enslave the earth.

    A weekend pass to this event, held in northern California, is $159.00 — which is only slightly more than the price of seeing one of David Icke’s crazy seminars. Attendees can view a plethora of seminars, from relatively normal and educational ones about climate change to — speak of the devil — self-proclaimed son of “the godhead” David Icke.

    World Toilet Summit & Expo

    Do you love both toilets and charity? At the World Toilet Summit & Expo, the power of non-profit and weird conventions combines. This event annually attempts to rectify the “sanitation crisis that affects 2.6 billion people globally” by “bringing hope to the 40% of the world’s population needing proper sanitation.”

    Is starving to death made better or worse by the gift of a shiny new toilet?


    Celebrity Impersonators

    Celebrity impersonators

    More awesome than weird, there are a number of celebrity impersonator conventions all around America. They’re held in Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York City, and give all of us peons the opportunity to “meet” famous people who would normally never give you the time of day.

    Celebrity Impersonator conventions give out awards to the best impersonators, have dancing and karaoke, a fake red carpet ceremony, seminars (on what is a mystery), an “Up and Coming Talent” showcase, and vendor booths.


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