15 People Accidentally Setting Themselves on Fire (Videos)

    January 31, 2013 at 4:30 am

    Nothing makes you look like a cool badass like screaming your melting face off after a handful of fireworks explodes in your mouth. Here are 15 people who accidentally set themselves on fire:

    A wild Charizard appears!

    These people are going to have kids someday.

    A girl accidentally sets herself on fire when trying to do… something.

    Fire safety for geniuses.

    The smell of burnt hair actually makes birthday cake taste better.

    A good friend is one who is willing to laugh and film you as suffer.

    Tip: don’t walk through freshly poured gasoline before trying to light it on fire.

    The “failure” version of Bob Saget narrates this video of a KKK member accidentally lighting himself on fire.

    How to Quit Smoking:

    A firebreather melts both his face and his career

    A man who doesn’t understand gravity sets himself on fire.

    You can’t really tell much about what’s going on here. Punk rock.

    Her BA is 1.0

    Mission accomplished.

    Skrillex accidentally sets his hair on fire at his birthday party.

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