Don’t Use an Aerosol Can To Repair a Monster Truck Tire

    January 21, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Monster truck tire explodes

    Seriously, don’t use an aerosol can to repair a monster truck tire.¬†Aerosol kits are often sold as cost-effective, simple ways to fix a tiny hole in a regular sized tire. With a monster truck tire, the pressure is greater than the aserosol can. The net effect is, when the can is inserted into the tire, the can fills with air and explodes. Like this:

    1. Ohh.. it really explode and it’s a huge one. Thanks for sharing this vid will share this to my friends.

    2. HerptheDerp says:

      That description couldn’t be more wrong.
      It’s not fixing a hole he’s doing; he is setting the bead.
      Shocked at the total lack of profanity, though. Nearly burning my face off would have at least warranted a few ‘fucks’ and maybe a ‘shit’ or two.

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