The Last Real Unicorn

    December 13, 2012 at 3:30 am
    A real unicorn with wings and horn
    The Last Real Unicorn is a two-sentence fable by us: For many years, unicorns have been the ugly ducklings of masculinity. Once labeled as uncool, their resurgence comes by virtue that having wings and horns is pretty awesome.



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    During the day, Maximus teaches third grade in the Los Angeles Unified School District. With his tenure, students have been exposed to a wide range of subversive age-inapprorpriate literature and experimental lessons that shatter last century's pedagogical ideas. His students are high achieving and score well on standardized tests. He has been known to angrily berate and degrade parents during parent-teacher meetings. Follow him on Twitter @MaximusFish, Facebook at MaximusFish or check out his blog at
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