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    November 26, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Yes! Monday! Unless you don’t like your job, in which case, No!

    Awesome Facts about Yourself (Izismile)

    Liz & Dick: A Lindsay Lohan Trainwreck (Heavy)

    15 Funny Pictures of Animals Chilling out (Super Booyah)

    The Pretty Girl Paradox (Linkiest)

    I Don’t Do Karate, I Do Crazy (College Poison)

    A Dose of Motivation to Help You out (Caveman Circus)

    Man Defends House with Bow & Arrow (Clip Nation)

    The Beauty and Majesty of Nature (Ned Hardy)

    Demi Moore Plastic Surgery? (Cityrag)

    Top 10 Casualties of the Madden Curse (Turd Ferguson)

    Halle Berry’s Weird-Ass Thanksgiving (Moe Jackson)

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