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    November 23, 2012 at 6:06 am

    Sorry you have to work, today. Why not burn off some stress by not doing anything interesting?

    Demotivators Picdump (Izismile)

    Top Ten Black Friday Deals (Heavy)

    20 Pictures of Sexy Twin Sisters (Super Booyah)

    Madonna in Lingerie Is Now… Kind of Sad (Linkiest)

    28 Hilarious Photo Captions (College Poison)

    Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe: Shooter Sandwich (Caveman Circus)

    Game of Thrones: Seinfeld Edition (Clip Nation)

    30 Awesome Dog Pics (Ned Hardy)

    Biggest Loser: The Movie (Cityrag)

    Top 10 Casualties of the Madden Curse (Turd Ferguson)

    Alicia Keys Sings Theme from “Gummi Bears” (Moe Jackson)

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