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    November 19, 2012 at 6:54 am

    If you’re like us, you frontload this 4-day weekend with family

    10 Reasons Thanksgiving Is Evil (Heavy)

    Girl Sleeps for 64 Days (Linkiest)

    Jetman Flies Better Than Most Turkeys (College Poison)

    The Rudest No Parking Notes, Ever (Super Booyah)

    What Animals See vs What We See (Caveman Circus)

    Red Panda Surprise (Clip Nation)

    88 Important Truths about Life (Ned Hardy)

    20 Talking Otters (Cityrag)

    Hilarious Crawling Cat (Izismile)

    Homemade Rocket Launcher (Turd Ferguson)

    Red Carpet Sexy Legs Matchup (Moe Jackson)

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