Top 5 Other Callous Remarks Chris Matthews Made about the Storm Disaster

    November 8, 2012 at 7:46 am


    Storm disaster

    1. “A superstorm, sure. But a Nor’easter? C’mon, you live in the Nor’east, you shoulda seen that coming. I wouldn’t be complaining if I my home were hit with a “Beverly Hills-er” or whatever!”2. “I didn’t mean anything offensive, I just mean that Superstorm Sandy was good for politics. Like 9/11″

    3. “Watch out for Hurricane Chris Matthews storming the polls in 2016!”

    4. “Losing to a superstorm is like losing to a pro wrestler. When you hear the theme music, don’t stay in the ring!”

    5.  ”First they don’t have enough water, now they have too much. When will those wishy-washy New Yorkers make up their mind?”

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