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    October 19, 2012 at 6:49 am

    Just work a few minutes after you read each article, that way we stay even with European productivity levels

    Hilarious WTF Moments Compilation (Super Booyah)

    When Gangham Style Goes Wrong (Linkiest)

    Crazy Stratospheric Skydive (TurdFerguson)

    20 Smiling Puppies (Cityrag)

    Perspective Shots of Extreme Sports (Izismile)

    Snoop Dog Is Paid Spokesman for Hot Pocket (Heavy)

    15 Astonishing Facts (Ned Hardy)

    Awesome Halloween Costumes (Caveman Circus)

    Random Hot Facebook Chicks (College Poison)

    $2.5 Million Bra (Moe Jackson)

    Jimmy Kimmel’s Earthquake Prank (Clip Nation)

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