The Best Stuff on the Internet, Today

    October 17, 2012 at 5:27 am

    It’s all free, too. Our economic reform package is to move everyone onto the Internet, and we won’t need money.

    Taiwanese Animation of Hulk Hogan Sex Tape (TurdFerguson)

    Big Lebowski Picture Quiz (Cityrag)

    In Syria, Angry Birds Is Real (Izismile)

    Yahoo News Thinks Moldy Pot Plants Are Worth $12,800 (Heavy)

    Awesome Animal GIFs (Ned Hardy)

    10 Infamous Sporting Cheats (Super Booyah)

    6 Flight Attendants Gone Wild (Linkiest)

    Foods at the Texas State Fair (Caveman Circus)

    Eric Clapton’s $4 Million Watch (College Poison)

    Most Stylish Celebrities of 2012 (Moe Jackson)

    The Dirtiest Game Show Question, Ever (Clip Nation)

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