The Best Things on the Internet, Today

    October 5, 2012 at 5:03 am

    If you read these in the bathroom at work, you could probably kill like 90 minutes

    Hot Tub Functions as a Boat (Izismile)

    5 Beer-Related Gadgets (TurdFerguson)

    Real Girls Looking Sexy on the Street (Super Booyah)

    Fierce Beyonce Fan Art (Cityrag)

    Buy Booze That’s Been Poured over Breasts (Heavy)

    Weirdest Engagement Photos, Ever (Linkiest)

    Funny Animal Pictures (Ned Hardy)

    Man n’ Cheese Sushi Rolls (Caveman Circus)

    WTF Random Pics (College Poison)

    Cameron Diaz Photoshoot Photoshop (Moe Jackson)

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