The Best Stuff on the Internet, Today

    October 3, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Way funnier than those articles CNN linkdumps

    Breathtaking Cityscapes from around the World (Izismile)

    Battlefield 3 Trailer (TurdFerguson)

    Sexy Girls Winking (Super Booyah)

    Breakfast for Dinner (Cityrag)

    The 7 Worst/Awesomest Movie Death Scenes (Heavy)

    10 Smartphone Habits to Avoid (Linkiest)

    Awesome Animal GIFs (Ned Hardy)

    13 Motivational Quotes (Caveman Circus)

    WTF Random Pics of the Week (College Poison)

    Kim Kardashian Trying to Get Kanye West’s Attention (Moe Jackson)

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