The Best Stuff on the Internet, Today

    October 2, 2012 at 6:46 am

    At least on our regular internet. If you have the intergalactic internet, there’s probably something better

    SEMA Show Cars (Izismile)

    When Deer Attack Roller Skaters (TurdFerguson)

    25 Sexy Pics of Windows (Super Booyah)

    Seth MacFarlane Hosting Oscars (Cityrag)

    The 20 Worst Portrait Tattoos (Heavy)

    Funniest Moments in Graffiti History (Linkiest)

    Awesome Awful Photos (Ned Hardy)

    A Generous Serving of Awesome (Caveman Circus)

    Inside the Emirates A380 (College Poison)

    Rihanna Snorting Fashion Coke (Moe Jackson)

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