Depressing Picture Quiz: Is It Russia… or Detroit?

    July 20, 2012 at 5:30 am

    Here at the Internet, we have a lot of fun laughing at crazy Russian dashcam videos. See, car insurance fraud in Russia has skyrocketed, so many drivers install cameras on their dashboard. The side effect is that the entire world sees that Russia is pretty much “that city from Robocop.” But this abject poverty isn’t just something on the other side of the world, the global economic crisis has evened the international economic playing field at “kind of poor.” To prove our point, we present six pictures, each one depicts a scene in either Russia or Detroit, Michigan. Can you guess which pictures are of the former Soviet Empire, and which are of the former automotive capital of the world? Even if you can, it’s ¬†eye-poppingly disheartening so everybody loses!







    Gas Mask in abandoned building in Russia.





    theater abandoned




    1. Detroit, 2. Detroit, 3. Russia, 4. Russia, 5. Detroit 6. Russia

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