20 Hidden Cartoon Cameos from Famous Animated Films

    June 1, 2012 at 6:15 am

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    It’s not unusual to see a popular actor make a smooth cameo role in a film. But most blockbuster animated films sneak in a few characters from other films, too. We found 20 hidden cartoon cameos from famous animated films:

    Nemo in Brother Bear
    Mickey in Lilo and Stitch
    Mickey, Goofy, and Donald in The Little Mermaid


    Beast in Aladdin


    Belle in Hunchback of Notre Dame (also note Magic Carpet and Pumbaa on a spit)


    Scar in Hercules


    Lady and the Tramp in 101 Dalmations


    Mickey and Minnie in Fantasia 2000


    Nemo in Monsters, Inc.
    Tinkerbell in the Black Cauldron
    Mrs. Potts in Tarzan
    Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story characters in Finding Nemo


    Wall-E in Cars


    Rex in Wall-E
    Heimlich in Toy Story
    Mike and Sulley in Tokyo Mater


    WALL-E in The Incredibles

    Ray in TS3
    Mr. Ray in Toy Story 3
    WALL-E in Your Friend, the Rat


    Sebastian in Aladdin



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