20 Superhero and Supervillain USB Sticks

    May 9, 2012 at 7:00 am

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    Themed flash drives can add a dash of “look at me” to the otherwise unglamorous process of transferring data. We’ve been examining superhero flash drives all morning, and we’ve concluded that a little-known power of many superheroes is that they can store a lot of data in their butt. These twenty unique figures (or sets of figures) caught our eye:


    Hulk Fist USB Stick
    One day our wrists will be stumbs with USB ports, and we will be able to plug in new hands


    Captain America Shield
    Captain America’s shield has 250 movies preloaded for when he gets bored


    Iron Man
    If the metal in the USB stick gets too close to Tony Stark’s chest, he dies


    Thor Hammer
    This will prepare Thor for when the Avengers relegate him to a desk job


    6 Superhero USB sticks
    You might say these guys USB stick together, but then we’d seriously have to kill you


    Bat Jetski USB
    This looks like a jetski, but when we put it in our underwater computer it didn’t work


    Spider-Man had to have painful surgery for this modification


    Green Lantern
    Ah, the Green Lantern Crew. We can’t remember any of them


    LEGO Wolverine
    Wouldn’t his magnetic skeleton hinder data encoding?
    Boy Wonder
    This is great if you are a fan of Robin, no doubt due to self-esteem issues


    Wonder Woman Head
    Wonder Woman has the power to transform her body into a laptop


    GI Joe Cobra Crew
    We’re not sure about trusting our sensitive data with Cobra Command


    LEGO Joker
    Again, we can’t trust a baddie: How do we know he’s not peeing in our laptop?


    Vintage Batman
    These vintage Batman drives should go *POW* every time the head is pulled off


    The Batmobile is hoping to load enough data to become K.I.T.T.


    Spidey Iron Man and Wolverine
    Why not a life-sized superhero statue with a tiny USB port in the heel?


    Ultraman strikes a sorely needed blow for superhero USB stick diversity


    Now, thousands of lonely Batman fans can finally take Catwoman’s top off


    Cobra Commander
    Don’t break the stick playing “behead Cobra Commander”


    This is a way better way to spruce up a presentation than PowerPoint






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