20 Photos of Chinese Lottery Winners Wearing Silly Masks

    May 3, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Why do Chinese lottery winners wear such silly costumes? Like every single country in the entire world, China is pretty poor (relatively-speaking). They also have a dearth of police protection. So, when people win a lot of money, most would prefer to keep it low-key to avoid thieves. However, since they have to be on camera win they win to do free publicity for the lottery, it’s not unusual to see Chinese lottery winners wearing outfits that imply they got their giant checks by trick-or-treating. We dug up twenty of the best Chinese costumes from lottery winners:

    Chinese lottery winner
    How do we know it’s the real winner? Can we wear a mask and claim to be the Chinese lottery winner?


    China Lottery
    We’re uncertain if she wears the mask all the time


    Chinese Lottery
    With the money, they plan to build the rest of their robot bodies


    Chinese Lottery 4
    We hope this person’s first purchases are a new hat and belt


    Panda with Lottery Check
    Cute disguise, but in every interview they’ll have to admit their first big purchase was a panda costume


    Lottery Winner
    I would be too creeped out to rob this person


    China Lottery winner
    Are we absolutely sure this person isn’t stealing the check?


    China Lottery
    These winners undoubtedly got their masks from a bank robber’s garage sale


    Chinese lottery winners
    The least the lady in the center could have done is coordinate her top.


    Lottery Winner
    Perhaps the lack of police protection in China is due in part to them guarding lottery winners


    If a real superhero won the lottery, they could probably not dress up and no one would know


    China Lottery
    We would spend the money to make this our full-time face


    Lottery winners
    A disguise plus hiding behind the check equals double protection


    Lottery Winner
    Not effective: When one panda starts buying lots of bling, we’re all gonna know


    Lottery Winners
    Well, see now everyone’s going to attack the real cat-person and robot-guy. That’s not fair


    Lottery Winners
    They always laughed at him for buying lottery tickets with the weird furry guy from work


    Lottery winner
    Sure the mask and hat hide almost all of his face, but without earmuffs we can totally recognize him


    Lottery winner
    Robot-Man is not amused that the interviewer is playing Solitaire on his computer


    Lottery winner
    Everyone will be able to tell who they are when they buy all new, jewel-encrusted masks


    Lottery Winner
    We bet Peter Parker gets hassled all the time by people who think he won the lottery
    1. Sam Reeves says:

      I’m pleased to see even the Transformers and Spiderman have equal rights to win the lottery as normal human beings do. China is surely learning right from wrong.

      How nice it is that China’s national animal the Panda, has also won several times, although I’m now concerned that some form of lottery ‘fixing’ might be involved.

    2. The mystery of ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ has intrigued people for centuries. Now I know why!

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