20 Fans Drunk at Baseball Games

    April 25, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    It’s springtime again, and that means its time to ridicule fans drunk at baseball games. Baseball is America’s national pastime, and it shows: Like America, baseball is on a slow, steady financial and popular decline. Like America, baseball involves a bunch of people standing around doing nothing while a few people do all the work. But most importantly, baseball is nearly impossible to enjoy sober, much like America. In eager anticipation of sipping a cool beer while the warm sun beats down on our face like the club of a Pittsburgh Pirates policeman, we’ve pulled together twenty liver-souring pics of fans drunk at baseball games.

    drunk baseball guy 3
    Fortunately, this appears to be a cubs game, so there was less chance of this guy falling on a nearby fan
    drunk 2
    Looks like it took ten beers for this guy to break down and switch to regular budweiser. Looks like it’s not helping him much
    baseball guy tackled
    Coincidentally, this happened on “homoerotic security guard appreciation” night
    drunk guy 4
    They should just toss him over and let him get crowd surfed up to the exit
    guy falling over wall
    Imagine how many fans would leap to their death if baseballs were full of beer
    Drunk lady topless at ballgame
    This topless woman proves that making bad judgments is America’s pastime
    lady gaga giving the finger
    A drunk Lady Gaga shows off her stangely un-accessorized middle finger
    Lady gaga messed up at ballgame
    More naked Lady Gaga antics as she gives a drunken tribute to Babe Ruth’s drunkenness
    Lady asleep at game
    We bet Lady Gaga never leaves almost-full beers
    fan getting tased
    In the future, this will be an awesome bloodsport
    girl passed out on car
    We’re hoping she’s passed out, and that she wasn’t actually hit by a car
    drunk guy messes with reporter
    Don’t wave food around or drunk people will attack you
    Guy standing on table barefoot
    The M.L.B. has since outlawed ballparks from accepting shoes in exchange for beer
    Guy topless and handcuffed
    The scary part is that it looks like he almost got his belt off
    Streaker arrested
    One great thing about streaking is that you get a free towel
    Guy in wedding dress
    From now on, guys in wedding gowns will only be allowed one beer
    lady standing in rain
    Give her a break, most crazy people could stand to shower more often
    guy getting tackled
    Security takes these as serious threats. If he had the chili dogs, he’s practically a walking bomb
    Streaker streaking
    He’s obviously not holding car keys, which means he has to walk home like this after release
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