The 10 Best Drugs in Video Games

    March 12, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Drugs have been commonplace in the real world for eons. Drugs have created serious problems for individual users and entire societies that become culturally addicted to drugs. In recent years, drugs have found their way into the virtual world too, and some video games feature incredible fictional drugs that alter the gameplay and user experience of the game they’re in. Here are the 10 Best Drugs in Video Games:


    Fallout series

    The Chems in the Fallout series can help you defeat some challenges, but you can also become addicted to them, having them alter game play for the worse. Jet is the most addictive Chem, and the game makes it difficult to kick a Jet habit. Buffout chem can help take down some big baddies. Psycho, Slasher, Rocket, Smooch… With so many different chems to choose from you have to pick them all. But if you want to see something REALLY cool, just check out what happens when you take Punga Seeds…


    Dr. Mario

    Dr. Mario has super simple game play, which is part of the reason its an NES classic. Plus, it teaches kids exactly how doctors do their job… They drop six different variations of primary colored pills onto very visible boogey viruses. Try and get these theme songs out of your head. I dare you.


    Super Mario Bros. series

    It was the first virtual drug most of us took and it’s the only drug on this list that literally makes you feel like a bigger man. The super mushroom from the Super Mario Bros. series is an iconic power-up as much as it is a blatant drug metaphor. Whether they are red/white, green/white or purple with a skull on it, mushrooms are all over the video game landscape.


    GTA IV

    Almost everything in GTA IV is interactive and has an impact on your character and the drinks are no exception. When you go out with your cousin Roman for a night out on the town and you have one too many to drink, your motor skills become impaired in the game. When you try to walk or drive the controls become sluggish and difficult to maintain, just like in real life. You gotta love that kind of realism.

    Blue Potion

    The Legend of Zelda series

    Ah, the good ole Blue Potion. In the Legend of Zelda series, the Blue Potion restores Link’s health and magic so its super useful. It can also be made in Wind Waker by using Blue Chuchu Jelly which comes from defeating the enemy of the same name. No one is exactly sure what it tastes like, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s probably syzurp. You sippin’ on some potion, Link?



    Tapper was a Budweiser sponsored video game released into bars in 1984. It was later changed to Root Beer Tapper because having a video game revolving around beer was considered “advertising drinking to minors”. The game play is simple and its fun to slide glass mugs down a long wooden bar top. The original arcade console even had a joystick and two beer tap-shaped buttons.

    White Powder


    What happens when you kill a junkie? He drops a little plastic bag with white powder in it, of course! The object of Narc was noble enough (find and apprehend Mr. Big, a drug and crime lord) through not so noble actions (murdering as many drug addicts as possible). It was an ultra violent, Robocop era side-scroller that is still fun to play, even if it does feel kind of dated.



    Also known as Nova-Keto-Thyrazine, Nectar is given to the soldiers in Haze to make them super soldiers. When administered, it makes them oblivious to the dangers of war and the emotions behind their actions. When in withdrawal, users begin to hallucinate, lose their vision and lose control of their bodies. If you overdose on Nectar, you go crazy. How crazy? Watch the video above to find out.


    Saint’s Row

    Spark up that joint, homie! (clears throat)… Sorry about that. In real life weed can be smoked, vaporized or even baked into edible goods but in Saint’s Row you can only smoke it. But it does give you the option of bong or blunt to smoke it in. Check out what happens when you do.


    Alpha Protocol

    This is the only time I can remember cocaine being used in a video game, so I popped it on this list. Its just for a second but its pretty obvious that Brayko is doing a little “skiing on white powder”. I don’t think anyone uses that euphamism for cocaine usage. Can you tell that I don’t do a lot of drugs?

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