7 Healthy Snack Food Substitutes for Gamers

    December 19, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Fact: Gamers love snacks. A great snack is a necessity on a release day or a 12 hour online multiplayer session. But why should we have to sacrifice our health for the convenience of a snack food? Fight the stereotype! Don’t be a big fat slob and a hardcore gamer. Instead, be a health-conscious person who sits on the couch staring at your TV and obsessing over ridiculous minutia for 15 hours straight! Sure, sometimes it takes a little bit more time to eat healthier, but if you can afford an entire weekend of not moving, surely you can set aside 20 minutes to take precautions against dying of a heart attack at the age of 40. Here is a list of common gaming foods and their healthy counter-parts. Bon appetit!

    Parsnip Chips

    Instead of Potato Chips

    Potato chips are salty and delicious. Lays and Ruffles are wonderful to snack on, but they have no nutritional value. The Parsnip is related to the carrot and has a slightly sweet tasted that goes great with a little pinch of salt.. Why not carrot chips instead of parsnip chips, you ask? Parsnips have more vitamins and minerals than carrots and are a great source of potassium and dietary fiber. Check out this recipe and enjoy!

    Healthy Pizza

    Instead of Domino’s Pizza

    Its hard to think of not calling Domino’s when you get hungry at during a WoW raid at 1 am, but that’s where most gamers pack on the unnecessary calories. Instead of dipping a slice of store made Hawaiian pizza in a little tub of ranch dressing, try some healthier pizza recipes. Even a simple switch from regular pizza dough to a wheat dough or pita bread does wonders. Check out some recipes for healthier pizzas here.Natural Fruit Juice

    Natural Fruit Juice Carbonated Water

    Instead of Mountain Dew

    Whether its original, Code Red or Baja Blast (available only at Taco Bell fast food restaurants), Mountain Dew has become the soda that gamers have been known to love. But at 170 calories a can, you could easily rack up 1,000 calories in one over night gaming session and not even notice. Instead, try a nice refreshing alternative you can create at home with the Soda Stream Home Soda Maker. In the long term it’s much cheaper than 3000 cans of Mountain Dew a month, and instead of putting in the calories from their chemical flavored syrups, you can make your own flavors by adding your own fruit juices or fresh fruit to their unflavored carbonated water. Or just switch to Diet Mountain Dew instead.

    Home Made Red Bull

    Instead of Regular Red Bull

    Red Bull has tons of sugar, and sugar free Red Bull has a ton of chemicals in it. So why not try a healthier, homemade version of Red Bul to keep you up through the night and keep you at the top of those online leader boards and achievement counts? Here is a recipe for some home made Red Bull . Note: This guy is f’ing crazy so just skip to 1:40 for the recipe.

    Fresh Fruit

    Instead of Starburst Candy

    Um, this one is a little stretch but it could work. Just cut up cherries, strawberries, oranges and lemons into little rectangles and pretend that they are starburst! Well, maybe add some sugar to the lemons. And don’t cut up the cherries because then they’ll be too small. You know what? Just eat some fruit instead of Starburst, ok. You’re belly is starting to stick out from the bottom of your Wing Commander t-shirt.

    Green Beans covered in Red Wax

    Instead of Twizzlers

    Twizzlers are 98% paraffin wax. It is by far their main ingredient, so just cover some green beans (healthy) with some Wax (healthy?). They couldn’t be much worse for you than actual Twizzlers.


    Instead of Funyuns

    There is no substitute for Funyuns. Keep eating Funyuns. They are a perfect food!!!



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