10 Best Video Game Soundtracks

    December 5, 2011 at 5:54 am

    video game soundtracks
    Music is the soundtrack of our lives and video games are a way to have fun during our lives. That means that the music in video games are the soundtracks to the fun of the… ah, forget it. Here are the top 10 video game soundtracks of all time.

    Bubble Bobble

    This is the first video game music I ever remember getting stuck in my head. The melody is terribly simple, catchy and cyclical. Just like the song that never ends, the Bubble Bobble main theme can be played in a seamless loop over and over again. Not to mention that those cute lil dinosaurs turn robot bad guys into candies. Hooray for Bubble Bobble!


    It may not be original music, but there is no denying that the soundtrack for Lumines on PSP is nearly perfect. Not only are the techno grooves infectiously groovy but they also fit the tone and style of the game in a way that makes it a better gaming experience. I mean who doesn’t like phat beats blaring in their eardrums when dropping color cubes on a sideways plane, yo? Ahem. Sorry about that.


    When you hear it, you know it. The most popular puzzle game in video gaming history also has an addictive tune to go along with it. Accompanying the falling blocks is a very familiar Russian tune in a minor key that makes you want to grab a cossack and dance in a circle. You may not know it by name, (Tetris Theme A) but everybody knows where it’s from.

    Parappa the Rapper

    Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind and Parappa the Rapper’s infectious original soundtrack certainly stayed in the mind of gamers. The sheer silliness and creativity of the soundtrack is impressive. Songs included settings and characters like a cooking lesson from a chicken and a lesson on how to run a swap meet from a bullfrog, and it started the game off with a karate lesson from a sensei who has an onion for a head. The soundtrack of Parappa the Rapper is simply koo-koo bananas!


    The opening choral melody is unmistakable and when you hear it your neck hairs stand on end. The first time you play Halo and then you put down the controller all you want to do is pick it back up and start playing again. And that score is the backdrop of it all. The roaring drums pump you up to the point where you feel like you could take down the covenant


    The soundtrack to Bioshock did exactly what it was supposed to do and that was to set the mood and draw attention to the overall creepy vibe of Rapture, the underwater distopia in which it took place. Not only does the original score make an impact on the player, but the soundtrack also includes select songs from musicians of the era like Billie Holliday. In an echoing hallway by yourself, a jazz standard coming through faintly in the distance can be incredibly creepy, and Bioshock capitalized on that creepiness in a major way.

    Katamari Damacy

    With lyrics like, “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la”, you can see why Katamari Damacy’s soundtrack is great. It’s one of those tunes that gets stuck in your head and forces you to hum it to yourself the entire day. Maybe if the game wasn’t super fun and kitchy, the soundtrack wouldn’t be as praised as it is. But alas, both are awesome.

    Mario Series

    It’s hard to really say which song is better in Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 is the tune everybody knows and loves. Level 1-2 is the subterranean bass groove that everyone know and loves. Level 1-3 is the underwater waltz that everyone knows and loves. And that’s just in the first Mario console game. All of the Mario games have their own catchy tunes and there are more coming with every console generation.

    The Legend of Zelda series

    A great soundtrack will make a person think of an idea, place or person. When gamers just hear the Legend of Zelda theme they think of one thing: “Hero”. It’s one of those melodies that just tells you everything you need to know about a character. Link is a noble, honest and tough guy who just wants to do what’s right and seek justice for those who deserve it, and the soundtrack backs him up every step of the way.

    Final Fantasy series

    The Final Fantasy series has too many amazing soundtracks to pinpoint just one, but the main theme is one for the ages. The fact that the Final Fantasy series has legitimized video game music as an actual art form is enough to put it at the top of the list.

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