UFO Captured on Monday Night Football Broadcast

    November 1, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    ufo on monday night footballIf you were watching Monday Night Football last week when the Colts played the Saints, there’s a good chance you caught a glimpse of a UFO without even knowing it. As NBC’s cameras returned from a commercial break to bring viewers back with a little scenery shot of St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, a strange object briefly whizzed across the screen. Usually little blurs and streaks like that are easily explainable: insects or dust particles flying close to the lens can look like something else to the untrained eye. But this blurry whiz was different. Frame-by-frame replays show the object clearly passing behind the cathedral spires in the distance, and the look of the object matches the description given in many UFO encounters: a rod-shaped object with strange lights attached to it. Take a look at the screen capture (above) and the video of NBC’s broadcast (below) and judge for yourself. Was this an actual UFO that was buzzing into town to witness one of the most lopsided football games in the history of the sport?


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