10 Video Games With Misleading Cover Art

    October 31, 2011 at 5:46 am

    People always tell you to not judge a book by its cover, but video games are the opposite of books. So you should be able to look at a video game’s cover art and know exactly what the game will look like and what it’s about, right? That’s usually the case, but sometimes a video game’s cover art and game play don’t really match up to each other. From down right awful to just nonsensical, here are 10 video games with misleading cover art.

    Haunted House – Atari 2600

    haunted houseBats! Spiders! The ever-present eyes of a mad man! What a scary game Haunted House must be! Then you remember, “Oh wait. I have an Atari 2600. Damn. Haunted House was ultimately limited to its generation but seeing that box and then the series of squares, dots and mazes that followed once you started playing was a pretty big let down.

    Rival Turf! – SNES

    Rival Turf! was a decent though formulaic side scrolling beat ‘em up game for the Super Nintendo. By the looks of this cover though, Rival Turf! seems like an ad for gay porn in the back of a free newspaper. If you like ‘em cool and tough, you’ll love Rival Turf! Also, I hate the fact that Rival Turf! has an exclamation point at the end of it’s title. Rival Turf!

    Karnaaj Rally – Game Boy Advance

    Okay, so the cover art for Karnaaj Rally has a checkered flag and a car on it. But what the hell is that giant headed, blue haired guy yelling about? Man, he looks like a pretty extreme dude! I bet he probably has some killer sick skateboard moves, too! Which leads to the question: Why is an extreme dude the spokesman for a lame, top down racing game?

    Ghost House – Sega Master System

    Ghost-HouseJudging by the cover art for Ghost House, you’d think it would be a game about holding the game Ghost House with your index finger and thumb. But the game Ghost House is actually a haunted mansion adventure game. Disappointing, huh? I bet you thought that you were going to get to simulate what it would be like to hold up the Ghost House game card with your index finger and thumb. Sorry to ruin your dream.

    Brawl Brothers – SNES

    I’ve always wanted to bust through a wall with fingerless leather gloves but its super unsafe. Brawl Brothers seems like the next best alternative based on the cover art. Brawl Brothers is actually a Final Fight rip-off that’s not very good. I’m not even sure why this ugly, mean dude is so mad at the wall but man did he give it a good pummeling. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game.

    Mega Man – NES

    Based on the cover art for Mega Man you would have never guessed that it would have been one of the longest and most successful video game franchises ever., because the cover is completely full of lies. Mega Man is not an aging old man because he is a robotic boy. Mega Man doesn’t wear a blue and yellow(?) suit because he wears blue metallic armor. Mega Man never holds a gun because his arm IS a gun. And what the hell is going on in that background!?

    Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy – Atari Jaguar

    Just compare these two photos. One photo has a love story between half human half cat hybrids, a space city and countless potential. The other has the image of an underwhelming side scrolling shooter from an underwhelming system that no one really liked in the first place. Kinda different.

    Bust A Move 2: Arcade Edition – Play Station

    I don’t know what kind of game one would even expect based on this cover art. Maybe some sort of Brazil-esque, Clockwork Orange torture game that only allows you to target old men. Or it could be a light-hearted puzzle game based around to adorable dinosaur characters and brightly colored bubbles. Come to think of it,  either of those sounds like an accurate description for Bust a Move 2.

    Phalanx – SNES

    I just want to imagine the pitch meeting for this cover. “Gentlemen. What our R-Type shooter clone needs to really bust out in the open video game market is an old, banjo playing, surprised looking red neck in a rocking chair. Y’know, to really showcase what the game is about!” Yikes.

    Deal or No Deal – Nintendo DS

    Wha!? Huh!? Who is–? Why is he–? Mystery box? Weird shirt? Deal or No Deal? I’m sooooo lost

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