The Best “BadLipReading” Videos

    October 3, 2011 at 5:48 am

    rick perryBadLipReading is a Youtube user who frequently uploads bad lip readings of popular music videos and political speeches. It may sound like a simple, stupid concept, but the videos are masterfully crafted and the lip reading and dubbing is amazing. These are the best lip reading videos I have seen on the Internet so far and the time it must take to make them is absolutely worth it. Although I am not entirely convinced Rick Perry wasn’t actually saying all of that nonsense. For more great BadLipReading videos, check out the BadLipReading Youtube Channel.

    Rick Perry

    Michael Buble “Russian Unicorn”

    Barack Obama

    Ludacris and the Bee Gees “Magic Man”

    Black Eye Peas “Everybody Poops”

    Nikki Manaj “Dirty Spaceman”

    Justin Bieber “Asian Baby”

    Justin Bieber Part Two “Hot Jumping Beans”

    Rebecca Black “Gang Fight”

    Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga “Morning Dew”


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