Thumb Wrestling a Praying Mantis

    September 6, 2011 at 6:00 am

    A Praying Mantis might be the most awesome insect on the planet. They’re basically Nature’s insect killing machines. One time when I was a kid, I caught a praying mantis in the backyard and pitted it in a death match against 5 different black widow spiders, and the mantis won every single time by quickly lashing out with its front legs and decapitating the spiders in one lightning-fast swipe, and then eating the spiders’ legs o-by-one like Bugs Bunny eats carrot sticks. They’re the samurai of bugs. Unfortunately, Praying mantids not very good at thumb wrestling. This might be because praying mantids don’t have thumbs, and they easily confuse their competitor’s thumb for another bug. Either way, this battle goes to the humans, but this Devil’s Flower Mantis wins the “looking awesome” contest any day.

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