The Absolute Worst Baseball Cards Of All Time

    July 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    The greatest baseball card trade of my baseball card trading career was when I totally smoked my friends little brotherĀ  when I traded my Todd Worrell Topps rookie card for his 1965 Harmon Killebrew card. As soon as he handed me that Harmon Killebrew card, I raced home and hid it under my bed so he couldn’t find it or try and take the trade back. After that I watched He-Man and G.I. Joe while I ate an entire bag of Gummi Bears and a entire bag of Doritos with bean dip. Man, that was a good day.


    comstock card


    sosa card


    stoned card


    jay johnstone


    seductive card


    unibrow card


    bip roberts card


    drabek card


    Rex Hudler Card


    brian harper card


    Mets Card


    worst baseball card ever


    hatcher card


    trout card


    greg harris card


    chris gwyn card


    angry card


    glenn hubbard card



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