Casey Anthony Party Photos

    July 5, 2011 at 3:05 pm

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    Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who definitely killed her 2-year old daughter Caylee Anthony a few years ago and dumped her body in a nearby forest, was found “Not Guilty” today. EPIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM FAIL. One piece of evidence that the prosecution used in an attempt to prove Casey Anthony’s guilt was a collection of photos that were taken in the weeks after Caylee Anthony’s disappearance (which was never reported to the police by Casey).  Do these look like photos of a woman whose 2-year old daughter recently vanished? By the way, if you notice an abundance of douchebag redneck idiots in these pictures, it’s because they were all taken in Florida.

    casey anthony party

    casey anthony party

    casey anthony party

    casey anthony party

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    casey anthony




    1. MrM says:

      She looks like a $20 hooker on many of these pics. The little angel whose body was dumped like a piece of garbage deserved a much better mother than that trashy skank. That being said, she was found not guilty because 1) the prosecution did not prove their case, and 2) her attorneys were able to plant enough doubt in the jury’s minds. She probably got away with murder, but it doesn’t matter what we think – SHE WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY. We have to respect that because that is the rule of law, whether we like or not. Think about it, all there was proof of was that Caylee died, not that she was murdered, let alone by her own mother. So go ahead, have at her, call her what you will because she probably very well deserves it, but don’t demonize the jurors or the defense lawyers for simply doing what they were supposed to do. That’s how the criminal justice system works. If you’re guilty you have to be proven guilty in a court of law, otherwise it’s just conjecture.

    2. BettyAnn says:

      scott peterson was sentenced to death on circumstanial evidence that was flimsier than what they presented at this sorry b*tch’s trial and THAT BABY DESERVED BETTER THAN HER!!! POOR CAYLEE!!!

    3. Name says:

      Id do her for sure. Shes a naughty hot little slut. Looks like she could do some damage with those lovely lips.

    4. Name says:

      She was found not guilty of murder. Stop being a butthurt f***** Justin and move on to something new to troll

    5. Harv says:

      Um, Casey might well appear to be bi (for whatever that’s worth)?
      Oh, and don’t photos of Caylee herself reveal her has looking a whole, whole lot like Casey’s MOM!

      • larry powell says:

        Man this is a rough chic.This is the devil’s daughter.I mean this is a bad momma.She will kill again,it’s just in her heart if she has one.If that demon that lives in her ever leaves she would drop dead cause he’s keeping her alive.j.l.powell

    6. joo says:

      She should take the $500,000 from Hustler and pose nude…

    7. poopyhead says:

      I wish the world would stop piling on Casey. What the hell. “a collection of photos that were taken in the weeks after Caylee Anthony’s disappearance”. Really? Why is her hair different colors? Why is it differnt lengths?

      If only every murder was taken this seriously. Too bad every murderer can’t be a hot chick.

      • Whitz says:

        That was going to be my point. She has at least 3 different hair colors, 3 different guys, and i think there are 2 different halloween parties. The reason she got off is because people like the author of this article were on the defense. You cannot properly present a case if you do it with emotion instead of facts.

    8. Kevin says:

      Another cheap, two-bit porn star in the making.

    9. Name says:

      Who cares.. unless u got 100% proof she killed her kid stfu.. and half this pictures are someone having a good time at a halloween party/july4th party… everyone handles grief different deal with the fact she is off and free now, if she did then god or whoever can judge that.. but the bottom line is move on… these pictures prove nothing and are f***ing stupid to try and be used against her

    10. Name says:

      I think I get why guys are so attracted to Casey Anthony, she sort of resembles Alyssa Milano right?

    11. Name says:

      The only thing anyone knows about this case came from that sack -o- rotton veejayjay Nancy Grace. She should put on trial for slander and lying.
      Also…. i would like to know how the U.S. held a trial in Florida … Everyone knows it’s not a state, Its Cuba-North.

      • Name says:

        Yes that dumb*ss should… she should never be on the air.. she doesn’t make any sense and just branded casey a murderer before one piece of proof was out.. she is a dumb b**ch that goes where the story is….

    12. Brutus says:

      Let’s hope Casey poses topless for a men’s mag. She’s been torturing & teasing us wearing tight snug blouses & sweaters with a very sheer bra underneath. It’s obvious Caesy is extremely proud of her luscious breasts & she is anxious to bare them to the highest bidder.

      Look closely at these pics, her magnificent boobs are plump. firm, perky and all natural.

    13. AnalYsis says:

      Hey CR, what if it was your daughter who was killed and the killer was a relative that was partying for three weeks prior to reporting? Get a life. She is a murdering a**hole

    14. alex says:

      shes soooooo gorgoussss…..i would do anything to be with her..such a beautiful person

    15. Michael says:

      She’s hot, I would really like to have sex with her. You know she’s probably an absolute firecracker in the sack, it would be a great time!

      Plus, a jury of her peers found her innocent. Get over it.

    16. nest says:

      That bitch is making money for killing her kid,I wouldn’t let my dog jump on that slut.once a pig always a pig

    17. Name says:

      so hot is not even funny

    18. Carl says:

      I was promised pictures of rednecks.

    19. Name says:

      When the Jury saw these photos, they were like, “Dam, that’s a nice piece of ass that I can potentially get it, and if she goes to jail for the rest of her life then I definitely can’t get at that…mmmmm nope can’t waste a good piece of ass!” NOT GUILTY!

    20. Name says:

      find the killer!!!!!

    21. gilham says:

      So….who killed Caylee??? Let’s find the killer!!! Case closed???

    22. Name says:

      so…. who killed Caylee??? let’s find the killer!!!

    23. Name says:

      We only know what the media wants us to know. If the media wanted us to see her as innocent we would have. If people are going to look at these pictures to show how guilty she is, try looking at all the pictures of her w/ her daughter. Those show a mother who loves her daughter. We will never know the truth of what happened but my heart goes out to that little girl.

    24. Jeff says:

      It’s just a shame that hanging out with douchebags isn’t against the law… if it were she might be locked up for a very long time.

    25. ALDO says:


      • Name says:

        agree. if you don’t want to be a mom- DON’T F AROUND. I still thing birth control should be mandatory- and you have to take a test before you are allowed off of it- would solve all of the problems like this as well as crime rates and poverty.

    26. azbo61 says:

      and justin thomas up there looks like some big nerd who wishes he could score some slut like her

      • and the award for most accurate comment ever goes to…

        • Name says:

          Not to your biggoted self. WTF do you mean by “By the way, if you notice an abundance of douchebag redneck idiots in these pictures, it’s because they were all taken in Florida. You’re a douche bag idiot for writing such BS. What’s wrong with Florida you cockbite?

          • Are you kidding me? I don’t even know where to begin with Florida. Orlando and Miami are all touristed up, but the rest of the state is home to the trashiest of America’s white trash. 7 year olds steal cars in Florida. People actually dry and smoke their own poop in Florida. VANILLA ICE IS FROM FLORIDA. Should I keep going?

    27. azbo61 says:

      Man….you can almost see the crabs crawling off of her and the herpes flowing through her system….she will get out and start partying again and get some poor smuck to knock her up and saddle him down for life…..she has to be one of the biggest sluts there is…

    28. CR says:

      She was found not guilty. End of Story.

      That’s the law.

      That doesn’t mean you get to re-try her in a public forum with photos that you have acquired.

      Just as – if you were found not guilty of anything – you would also be able to be free.

      She probably did do the crime. She probably should have been found guilty. But the prosecution was not able to satisfy to a reasonable doubt that that occurred. And it may not have. Should she deserve to die – because you think that she should have been found guilty? Death is still death – be it at the hands of a stupid parent – or be it at the hands of the state in a state-sanctioned murder on death row.

      I like that the benefit of doubt remains in legal statute – I like to hope that if I were ever charged of a crime that I did not commit – and that the prosecution could not make – that a jury would be forced to set me free under the letter of law.

      Respect the process – if not the outcome.

      • If you’d read up on the trial at all, you’d know that she was actually found COMPLETELY GUILTY of lying to the police about the fact that her daughter was missing for a month. That’s the same month that these pictures were (supposedly) taken, and these photos were submitted as evidence to prove her guilt in that regard. Therefore, they are relevant and warrant dissemination and further discussion. End of story.

      • It just occurred to me that you might be upset about how I said Casey Anthony “definitely killed her two year old daughter”, in which case you’re completely justified in feeling that way. That’s just my opinion based on the facts. I’m sorry if you disagree with it, but open discourse is always encouraged here so thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter!

        • CDN says:

          So a parent isn’t allowed to have fun? These look like Halloween/4th of July/random parties. You say that these were all supposedly taken within a month after her daughter went missing but the 4th of July and Halloween are a lot more than a month apart! That is likely why the judge didn’t admit these into evidence. They prove nothing. Maybe it was an accident that was caused by her negligence and she was scared. Maybe she did kill her daughter. Maybe it was simply an accident and she got scared. No one truly knows what happened, other than Casey herself. You cannot say that she “definitely killed her two year old daughter”. You are stating that as fact, not opinion which is grounds for a libel lawsuit. Yours, and many others opinions are skewed by emotion.

        • CDN says:

          Sorry, I see that these were admitted as evidence but likely a reason why the prosecution DIDN’T win. They tried to paint a picture of her as a bad mother but they were obviously taken a lot farther apart than one month. Again, these photos prove nothing.

    29. Name says:

      These are obviously pictures taken over a period of time…..unless she had 3 different hair colors and as many styles in the course of a few weeks. Maybe she was trying to conceal her identity! lol I’d totally hit that…..Fo Sho!

      • From what I understand, these were all photos that the prosecution tried to submit into evidence to illustrate that Casey was not acting like a parent whose child had recently gone missing. I don’t know the period of time, but they felt that it was pertinent.

        • Name says:

          Uh- yeah. I’m not saying she’s innocent- because no one really knows (hence the not-guilty verdict)- but the reason why these were NOT allowed into the case- was because most of the photos they had were from over a year in advance. They felt is was pertinent- because they were actually just trying to show that she was not a good mom. But the judge didn’t thing they pertained to the case at hand…

    30. Name says:

      i kind of want to party with this chick.

    31. josh says:

      i wish have a baby with casey ok now that she is free JAIL wow wow wow wow wow wow sign jeff aston please casey ok

    32. Fritzie says:

      Well, she’s a party girl and godsend to the male world. I for one am glad she’s acquitted because she’s way too hot a piece of ass to rot in jail! In your face, lynch mob!

    33. If being a slut makes you a murderer then I went to a high school that should have been a maximum security prison.

    34. KendraLee says:

      She is such a piece of shit

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