5 Ways To Find Out That You’re Just Friends With Benefits

    July 5, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Friends with benefits is one of the most confusing phrases to live your life by with a significant other.  Even though your friends you have to have feelings for the other one if you guys are hooking up, right?  Well, not necessarily.  It’s hard to define this type of relationship and it is also hard to keep yourself from getting emotionally attached.  If you stand strong and hold your ground then you should be just fine.

    The movie Friends With Benefits will be coming to theaters on July 22, 2011. Go see Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis battle their obstacles in their  “friends with benefits” lifestyle.  Watch and learn from their mistakes or even catch all of the things they are doing right to keep it cool while being those two people who can be sexual but not technically intimate.

    If you aren’t sure about what “title” to give your “relationship” right now check out these 5 ways that will help you figure out if you are “friends with benefits” or not.

    1)  Sporadic Phone Calls

    You don’t call each other all of the time.  Maybe you will check in once in a while just to talk and catch up but you don’t have to know where each other is at all times.  Texting falls in this category, too.  You both don’t really care to sit text one another every move you make.  Neither of you feel that there is a reason for it.  The phone calls that you would make basically indicate that you want to get it on that night.

    2)  Not Showing Public Display Of Affection

    You two are hanging out in public but show absolutely no public display of affection.  Both of you just leave the touchy-feely stuff in the bedroom.

    3) Having Conversations While Having Sex

    There is a lot of talking being done why you are making “sexy-time.”  There are no intimate feelings and you don’t even care to be attracted to each other.  Both of you can hold friendly conversations while messing around because you don’t care to get emotionally attached.

    4) Use Each Other After A Break Up

    Both of you have been in different relationships but never with each other.  You continue to date other guys and girls but as soon as one of you is going through a break up you run to each other.  However, you don’t cheat on your current boyfriend/girlfriend if you have one at the time but as soon as a relationship ends and the other person is single it’s straight to the bedroom.

    5)  Walk Around Naked All Of The Time

    Friends don’t care what you look like naked so you usually run around naked free of care.  You both walk around naked any time you want even if you are just hanging out.  There is no need to impress one another so being naked doesn’t phase you.

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