A Ryan Dunn Tribute Video

    June 21, 2011 at 10:07 am

    As you probably already heard, Ryan Dunn, the most sane member of the Jackass and CKY crew, was killed in a car accident yesterday. Fortunately, someone has put together this tribute video to highlight just how awesome Ryan Dunn was. RIP, Dunn.

    1. Name says:

      The other guy made a conscious decision to get in the car with Dunn, hopefully most people will take this as a lesson, as for you other fuck heads you are just flaming him because he became famous for doing shit you were raised not to do, everybody makes mistakes, unfortunately this was his last one, not one of you has the right to sit behind your computer screen and mouth off about him dying this way, none of us are fucking perfect, stop being fucking hypocrites. Rest in peace Ryan the world lost a great person

    2. Colebastich says:

      Dipshit killed the passenger in his car. No reason for a tribute. he’s (re: everyone else) is lucky he didn’t kill more people.

    3. Taco says:

      Was he killed in a car accident? Or did he drive drunk and kill himself and another person? I’m not sure why everyone’s crying so hard for a guy who acted dumb on camera and then killed someone with his car.

    4. Kevin says:

      Sure, it sucks to see someone die so young..

      But let’s not forget that he was at twice the legal limit to drive, in the 130mph range when he lost control and crashed.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

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